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"I have been using the Gallery now for about 1½ years. I have it integrated into the PostNuke CMS, which have found to be invaluable. The software was so easy to install/setup/use. I have roughly 1500+ photos on my site have not found another gallery that can handle that many photos with such ease. Also, the upgrades are fantastic. I have never had a problem upgrade from one Gallery version to another. You just cannot beat this Gallery and I look forward to new thing coming."
    Daniel Quill (1/19/2005)

"I downloaded the program a few days ago - and I'm so happy with it. Even though I really have definitely no experience with stuff like that (never heard of things like chmod or what kind of PHP version was installed at the server etc, or knowing how to install a program on a server), I was able to install and to customize the program - took me some time to get through the english Installation Guide though *g*... BUT.... I made it :-) And I'm really enyoing what I got. I know, my page is a 'simple' one at the moment, but I'm able to present my photos in a wonderful way... Now the next thing I have to do is to subscribe to PayPal to show at least a little appreciation for the guys who made the program possible... again, thanks a lot :) "
    Rike (1/1/2005)

"Gallery2 rocks - pure and simple. This is some of the finest coding I have had the pleasure to experience, and I will eagerly await the first beta release. I LOVE what you guys have achieved and long may it continue !"
    Matt Groves (12/29/2004)

"I think this is the best gallery addition to my site ever!! It only took me 10min. to upload and run the config file to install the Gallery 1.4.4-pl4 and I am not even a programer or website coder!! Works great as an addition to Invision Power Board Forums too!! Keep up the great work! BTW The included skins are a wonderful plus to the Gallery!"
    Mr. Tarr (12/13/2004)

"I just wanted you to know I think you've done a wonderful job on Gallery, I've been running for several months on W2K/IIS/MySQL/PHP (I think I started at 1.4.1 and I'm currently at 1.4.4pl2), and I can't wait to see what G2 brings. I haven't had a chance to see how quickly a request for help takes, cuz I've found everything I needed in the archives! I have a simple, family-picture site and am using your tools to manage all my pics. I have modified some of the header and footer files for my own needs, and slightly modified the Simple014 stylesheet (basically just made the Album titles always purple). Anyway, I just wanted to send you a note to say a big THANK YOU!!! You all deserve a pat on the back. "
    Dennis Flynn (12/9/2004)

"I am responsible to keep my Alumni's web site. Recently I've scanned all our old photos and films because I want to set up a web albums of old photos for everybody. However I found that most of the public/commercial web albums have limits on the album size and they are not designed for bulk-upload (or too slow on uploading). So I decided to set up my own album. I browse the net and found quite a lot of positive comments on your software. The entire download, installation, localization (Chinese) procedures are extremely easier than I expected. (Even I am using shared-hosting without any control of the web server and PHP stuff) I love the feature that it can automatically fetch photo files from a URL. I have prepared over 750 photos into different directories. Then I uploaded them all to my FTP site at night. On the next morning, all I have to do was so simple to select the right photos into 27 different albums. "
    Philip Wai (12/7/2004)

"I’ve been looking for good solution for our family photo album for a while now. I tried the usual hard-coded html solution and got bogged down creating loads of pages and processing endless images. It never really worked as it relied on myself getting images from relatives, scanning them then uploading them. It was always down to my efforts and just never worked out. And then … following a web search I discovered Gallery. What more can I say, but thanks for developing a great product. Our family can now view, enjoy and add their own pictures to our family album online, from anywhere in the world! "
    Neil Dawson (11/20/2004)

"Thanx guys, you've done a really good work ! now i've began managing albums for me and my friends, they love the user permissions (because their parents go to the gallery too..;) and the ease of use. "
    Rémy Aparisi (11/19/2004)

"Thanks for the great software, I used your gallery program to display a series of photos I took of the lunar eclipse last month. The result were far better than I could have ever hoped for. With the flexibility and point and click customizing I was able to create a stunning display of my images. "
    Andy Sova (11/16/2004)

"...just wanted you to know how glad I am I found Gallery! Gallery solved the problem I had with publishing all our holiday pictures on the Internet after my old provider shut that site down.. It works like a charm, is easy to configure i.e. change skins and alter the layout, and any questions one might have considering installation / configuration are very well explained. I love it :-) "
    Marco Wening (11/14/2004)

"I received my Gallery installation through the paid services, and I think it was the wisest, fastest and less painfull choice, regarding my installation of Gallery. I would recomend this for everyone, who is new at php, and web programming. Why to go through all that hassle, when the pros can do it ? Now I will be able to put links on my Gallery, and I will be done. Thanks Gallery, you are doing an excellent work. "
    Tunde (9/22/2004)

"I wrote a simple gallery program of my own some time ago. Then I came across Gallery and I'm knocked over by how great it is. Even migrating the pictures over is easy with the java applets. It rocks! "
    Benjy (8/30/2004)

"A friend of mine introduced me to Gallery a few weeks ago. His timing was perfect, as I was in the process of committing to iPhoto. What can I say, not only is this the best photo-management system I've used, as a complete bonus, it's web-based too! I'm now in the process of putting my stuff on my website. I've been using Gallery for only a week or two, so I'm still discovering the features, but so far I've been completely amazed. This is top-quality software and stands as a shining example of outstanding, easy to use Open Source software. Congratulations and thanks. "
    Ben Hall (8/24/2004)

"I am a man of many hobbies. First, I love trains, especially local transit trains that operate within a city of county. Me and my father love taking pictures of the Los Angeles rail system. There is nothing else better than a gallery script that can handle over 1200 photos and still growing. Another album consists of over 9700 pictures of my units deployment to Baghdad Iraq. There is still over 1000 photos to be uploaded. With the help of Gallery Remote, I can set the auto-pilot-like uploads and walk away. With the awesome features that Gallery Remote, Gallery server-side software, and Imagemagick Convert, both of my online photo albums are an incredible collections of pictures that no other gallery software can handle. It's not much, but my small change for donation I hope will help you guys in all future endevours. Thank you for your awesome software."
    Antonio (8/21/2004)

"Gallery rocks. You do deserve more than what you get. I wish I had money to donate, because I would. I LOVE GALLERY!"
    Cameron Conner (8/8/2004)

"You folks and your product are great... anyone who uses Gallery, and doesn't at least send SOMETHING is truly a deadbeat... :-)"
    Neil Pearl (7/12/2004)

"This gallery works great, I've never had any problems with it, and I love how people can upload to the gallery. A great way to share pics... I would recommend this to anyone."
    T.J. Muck (6/14/2004)

"Thanks for THE perfect album. This is the only serious album ever made, I believe you need more credit for your work! "
    Tom Karlsson (6/6/2004)

"I'm an engineer/photographer, and several years ago I wrote my own tcsh script to create simple, hierarchical galleries from directories of jpg files, using ImageMagick to resize images (sound familiar?). It was way better than manual page editing, but I found myself wanting features like post-upload image reordering and deleting. Well, I never thought I'd find such generous freeware written by kindred souls. I'm grateful, and that's why I've made a donation. "
    Norm Hurst (5/30/2004)

"Best piece of software I’ve seen for long time. "
    Stephan Stricker (05/06/2004)