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"Meh! Gallery just works! It rocks! Thanks all you great programmery dudes!"
    Adam Roe (2/21/2003)

"I have tried many different online photo packages and I even tried this one on a windows 2000 server. If you are going to use this package it runs great on a Linux server. Until 3 days ago I have not had much luck with Linux, but after finding this package and trying to put it on a Linux server I am hooked. I also found if you make copies of the gallery directory you can setup mutible online photo areas with no trouble. If you have time take a look ...GREAT SOFTWARE PACKAGE!!!!!"
    Jack (2/20/2003)

"i am thrilled. this software is amazing. it does everything i want it to do. i feel like a kid in a candystore. thank you so very very much. "
    Jennifer Stock (2/11/2003)

"I've been using various solutions for a web based photo gallery but nothing looked and felt like a great gallery. I found Gallery, installed it with no problems (surprising since I don't have a lot of access to my hosting server and no experience with such things - a great testament of the ease of setting up this software). It is just gorgeous and I can't thank you enough! It is the best photo gallery software anywhere!"
    Jay Starkey (2/9/2003)

"Gallery is like the best photo album thing ever, really helps me out a lot! Wow I really admire this stuff :D"
    Jaap e. Dantuma (2/9/2003)

"Gallery is god. I love this thing. The XP integration feature is Dummy Proof enough to have anyone in my family upload their photos. We are loving this thing! Thank you Gallery Gods!!!!!!"
    Matt Browne (2/8/2003)

"Gallery is THE online solution for managing a photo gallery. I have a client who is upgrading and selling a house in Spain and they wanted photos to be updated regularly during the development of the house. This was the perfect solution and saved my precious time!!!!"
    Alex Housley (2/7/2003)

"It's just un-f***ing-believable. You made a deal with the devil. A fine...fine piece of code."
    DJ Monkey (2/5/2003)

"You are either one of the following:

  1. Too rich
  2. Too stupid
  3. Or an open source follower....
OTHERWISE you could earn a fortune from gallery. "
    Iraklis Mathiopoulos (2/1/2003)

"I have a website on a free server so I don't have access to my host's PC. But I still got Gallery installed within 10 minutes and wrote a module file for phpnuke within 15. My guests love it, thanks guys!"
    Russ Hancox (1/22/2003)

"This has to be one of the best PHP programs I've ever seen. The code and OO design is totally impeccable and the most beautifully laid out of any php project I have come across. This project should be the benchmark that any developer works towards as far as code organisation is concerned. One thing I also like is the installer - very few php developers even put in the effort to create an installer at all.. This is not so much of a problem for me but it is way more convenient to have a script that sets everything up. "
    Eamon Brosnan (1/15/2003)

"I have a small personal site, www.VirtualPanther.com, which I value greatly. The dearest part of my site is my picture Gallery where I have my family's vacation pictures in various countries. The Gallery by Bharat Mediratta and his colleagues allows me to share those moments with numerous friends and family members that life has scattered over more than a couple continents. I am a sort-of an amateur photographer and I just wanted an easier way to put the digital pics online for friends and family around the world to enjoy. While many software packages, such as Adobe Photoshop, are able to create static albums, Gallery allows me to add, delete, move, caption and reorder as I see fit with minimum effort and maximum fun! ... Gallery, in my honest from the heart opinion, is the best photo management script for sites of various sizes and users with any background. Stop searching and give it a try. You will NOT be disappointed. "
    Alex Sigalovsky (1/10/2003)

"I'd been searching for something to organise my photos over the Web for years. I despaired of ever finding anything suitable. I did start to think my standards were too high. Then, totally by accident, I came across Gallery. Within 2 minutes I knew it was exactly what I wanted. A nice clean interface, fantastically simple to navigate; Once I had the source it was just as simple to install - just one little niggle with the Apache config (my bad), and it proved just as simple to administer. The odd bit of customising to get it to fit into my setup was also painless. So now I'm now uploading two years of photos. And guess what, that's proved untroublesome too."
    Peter McGarvey (1/10/2003)

"Gallery is absolutely fantastic, as a designer, I am a total nitwit with php or networking, but even I could get gallery to run under OSX without a glitch... Thnk you very much for a great application wich makes it possible for me to use my free-stock database from anywhere........ Eperium Business Solutions "
    Vincent Koopmans (1/4/2003)

"An excellent application - if only other php applications had the same superb configuration wizard... The 'end product' is guaranteed a place on my server from now on. A credit to the Open Source Community, for sure. Many thanks. "
    brotherwolf (1/1/2003)

"I have been using an older version of Gallery for some time now. Well, the time came to upgrade our server. As a matter of course, this led to upgrading the version of Gallery. This is the good part -- I copied all my custom changes to the files in the html_wrap from the old version's directory to the new version, and viola, Gallery was running, in it's new version, as a part of my website. I was amazed that I didn't have to make any changes (just create new templates for things that are new, like the slideshow). Gallery is a wonderful piece of software, and helps keep friends and family who live far from us in touch. Thank you! "
    Brad Watson (12/31/2002)

"Thanks for a superb application. Being a non-techie and completely ignorant when it comes to php and scripting I found it extremely easy to install and configurate the script to work in the manner I wanted it to. First I tried to use Movable Type (blogware) for a photoblog - but uploading 35 pictures and giving them captions took me almost an hour. When switching to Gallery - the same procedure took in total ten minutes. I'm a newbie in digiphotography, but eventually it'll get better. "
    Johan (12/29/2002)

"Thank you for saving me a ton of time with your very slick Gallery creation! I just sat down to program something very similar for my online Photo Albums, and saw a good friend of mine using your program. I was amazed at how easy the installation was, how slick the interface is, and how solid your program is. The Gallery Remote is a great time-saver too! "
    Charly Caldwell (12/24/2002)

"I love it. Simplified what was to me one of the more annoying things about owning a digital camera and a website to show all that stuff on."
    Rahim Anderson (12/23/2002)

"Great effort with the gallery, fantastic and easy to use. I've installed here and it's running great - i've uploaded over a thousand photos and the new version runs so much cleaner on the server. Thanks Guy. I've already sent you a donation and think because it's the season of goodwill i'll send you another shortly. Thanks for a great opensource product."
    Phil (12/10/2002)