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"Basically, I think that this thing really rocks. It is very very good, very very easy to use, and very very smart. Whoever did this should be given lots of money, or at least allowed to punch any Microsoft employee right in the head whenever the mood strikes."
    Bill Arab (6/1/2001)

"Thanks for having written gallery! It has all the features I had been dreaming of for two years. And on top of being completely feature-complete from my point of view, it took me about one minute to install on a stock Debian."
    Jean-Marc V. Liotier (3/26/2001)

"...Just wanted to say your Gallery program is the BEST I have seen out there for months!..."
    Deejay (3/8/2001)

"...I just installed the Gallery, it looks pretty damn nice, seems to be exactly what I am looking for and the only thing that I have been able to find like it..."
    Keith L. Kemp (2/26/2001)

"...your image gallery software is by far the best and most complete I have seen..."
    Lindsay Adams (2/20/2001)