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"Just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome application. I've been looking for a photo album type tool that can be managed from the browser. This has everything and more. I installed the beta 1.2.6 and the slideshow option is great. "
    Brad Glonka (3/12/2002)

"*Awesome* is kind of a lame and overused adjective on the Web, but I can't think of a better one for Gallery 1.25. Took me 15 minutes, start to finish, to install it on my hosted Linux server and build my first album... awesome is the word. Features galore, and a no-brainer to administer. Excellent. "
    Brent Eades (3/10/2002)

"This is exactly what I was looking for! Simple to install, and a breeze to administer! I especially like that I can allow different users to create and manage their own albums. Thanks!! This is great!"
    JR Garrison (3/6/2002)

"Thank you so much for sharing this software. I stumbled upon Gallery at Sourceforge and it looked interesting. With a little tinkering to install it on an old Pentium 200 with Red Hat 7.1. Well much to my surprise it has worked FLAWLESSLY for about three weeks now. I gave some friends accounts to install their own albums and we've been uploading at a furious pace. Gallery has proven to be an excellent image repository. Well done folks. My favorite features are zip file uploading and EXIF data."
    Dean G (3/4/2002)

"It certainly is a great piece of software. Made it possible to put up 300+ photos in a few days (most of the time I was busy actually gathering the files from different users). And the users love it!... "
    R. U. Serious (2/23/2002)

"I have played around with 5-8 different php web products in the last 2 days.. Your product blows away everyone else... Unbelievable look and feel! Thanks!"
    Jeremy Finke (2/22/2002)

"...your creation is the best thing I've ever seen. I simply love it. Thank you so much for putting so much time into it."
    Ron Poserina Jr. (2/21/2002)

"Wow. Excellent program! Please, keep up the good work."
    Marcus Freedman (2/12/2002)

"I just installed it and put some photos and graphics in it. I LOVE IT! It's sometimes not that easy to find really good open-source software like this is!"
    Oliver Pitzeier (2/3/2002)

"Just installed your gallery scripts, they are just perfect!"
    Maarten Vink (1/31/2002)

"Once you get past the NetPBM part, everything's pretty sweet! Just needs a bit more on the customizability end, but still an excellent script."
    Eduardo Trujillo (1/27/2002)

"thanks for developing the gallery, everyone using our site says it's easy to use, don't even have to include a manual..."
    Derek Scholte (1/26/2002)

"Your Gallery is great! Looks good, and all admin stuff is realised _very_ good! Great work!"
    Carsten Ringe (1/26/2002)

"Excellent. I've tried at least twenty gallery scripts looking for one that delivered on it's promises. This one does; and it looks nice too. "
    Robert Synak (1/26/2002)

"C O N G R A T U L A T I O N !!! Gallery is fantastic and the most powerfull script ever seen."
    Patrick Bittiger (1/24/2002)

"I just installed gallery, and I must say my long search for the perfect php gallery script is over."
    Benjamin B. (1/23/2002)

"I have to take off my hat to the developers of Gallery. I'm absolutely flabbergasted at this piece of software! How much more awesome can it get?! "
    Gary Eckhard (1/22/2002)

"I just wanted to say that gallery is a fantastic program, it was just the thing i wanted on my website. really cool! "
    Felix Kraneveld (1/21/2002)

"I've been looking a round php gallery with good options now found it thx!"
    Kimmo Hassinen (1/19/2002)

"I had been looking all over the place for a product that did EXACTLY what yours does. It is perfect! It's simple to use! I couldn't be happier with it at all. Awesome application guys. I tip my hat to you!"
    Michael Varre (1/14/2002)