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"Thanks for making it so good :) It's a perfect match for what I want from a photo album. "
    Ana Susanj (1/13/2002)

"Just like to comment on a great product you have. Nice to see it is updated regularly. I found it very easy to install and works a treat for my automotive site. I searched for weeks for a a gallery and yours came up trumps every time! keep up the good work!"
    Steve Barnes (1/12/2002)

"a truly awesome program you have here!!!!"
    William Barfoot (1/10/2002)

"Heel goed programma. Bedankt voor de software. Het is de beste van degene die ik heb gezien. Makkelijk te installeren en makkelijk in gebruik.

(Translation from Dutch: Very good programm. Thanks for the software. It is really the best one I found out there. Easy installation and easy usage.) "
    Chang Choo (1/8/2002)

"...let me commend you on your wonderful product. I couldn't ask for anything better."
    Tim Gerland (1/2/2002)

"This gallery is brilliant! I searched for ages till i found it, and I haven't looked for another since. The suupport team are wonderfull, Bharat even set it up for me because I was having problems. I cannot praise Bharat enough or recommend the gallery to enough people. Keep it up, great work! "
    Paul Reid (12/31/2001)

"Oh... My..... Gosh!!!! This thing is the best application for posting pictures in a well-organized, and simple way!!!! WOW!!!!! Great job guys!!!"
    Dan Kelly (12/28/2001)

"just had to say i'm suprised this isn't corporate (yet :).. for the last yr. i've been looking into different ways to catalog and automate my portfolio. alot commercial packages even fall short: (i won't mention ext_ns_s and their amazing $2499.95 image server that does *not* run on Un*x) while gallery doesn't have the enterprise tweaks that most image servers have (and most of us won't use for ourselves), it's pretty slick.. and free!? last week, after debating against, thinking about, and fiddling w/ gallery for more than 1/2 yr, i decided to take the plunge and leave my hand-coded (html) gallery behind.. wish me luck! :) "
    Leigh Dehaney (12/27/2001)

"The new gallery rocks..Had it running in less than five minutes and no problems integrating with Nuke and upgrading albums!"
    Michael McDade (12/22/2001)

"I'm really impressed with Gallery. As a newbie to PHP and PostNuke, I was amazed at how simple it was to install... The scope and robustness of the functionality is also admirable. Great job and many thanks indeed for sharing it."
    Cam Hudson (12/19/2001)

"just one word for this piece of work...AWESOME!!!"
    Christian Aselmann (12/18/2001)

"I love Gallery! It's exaclty what I've been looking for in a photo gallery script. I use it both at my personal site and a hockey team where I live.. thanks a lot!"
    Tate K. Nations (12/17/2001)

"I have to say that I have come across few, if any, open source programs which are so well-crafted and well thought-out as Gallery, and certainly few which have such an active development team and responsive support network. I am not qualified to make judgments on your code but I am qualified to comment on your program's ease of use, stability and flexibility. In the future, I hope to be able to make some contributions from the design templates aspect, and look forward to Version 2!"
    Tony Page (12/17/2001)

"I just wanted to say thank you. I have been playing aroung trying to build my own CGI for the same purpose when i came across your site on sourceforge. I must tell you how pleased i was when it installed without a hitch and came up just as quickly! The admin tools are one of the most comprehensive that i have seen, while still keeping ease of managibility and configuration. Great Job! "
    Christopher Thompson (12/17/2001)

"To find such a quality package that is so easy to set up and use (for anyone) is more than impressive, it's almost scary!

Thanks so much! It's exactly what I've needed!"
    Bruce Sackett (12/17/2001)

"I've been using Gallery since late 2000 on www.vellypooh.com and it just keeps getting better and better. I've tried other web album products, most with complex mySQL database backends, and none have really come close to the speed and simplicity of Gallery. Cheers Bharat"
    Cavel Mattar (12/12/2001)

"I installed Gallery on www.getstaked.com a couple days ago and I was amazed at how easy it was to use. It beats every other gallery for PostNuke hands down. Thanks for the great product!"
    Chris Black (12/8/2001)

"Wow this looks cool...I install it word for word following the instructions... it can't be this easy can it? When I go to run it it works! I am impressed and what fun it is to customize it and how easy is it and tidy to upload photographs. Thanks guys!! ... right now I am extremely happy with Gallery. Finally I get to upload over 2000 photos of my journeys around the World. "
    Eddie (12/5/2001)

"I've just installed Gallery on nancies.org -- we just won VH1's "Coolest Fan Website" award at the VH1 Music Awards this past weekend, and there's much demand for us to put up a photo gallery on our site. I've been slowing adding photographs of our experience, and Gallery couldn't possibly be easier to use. Gallery is slick, efficient, easy to use and very professional. It is truly rare that I use a software package that doesn't make me think "gosh, I could make something much better than this." Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this fine program."
    Waldo Jaquith (12/6/2001)

"...Browsing through the Nuke site I found the link to Gallery. I immediately liked it, because at the site of my Scouting Group (www.scoutingwillibrord.nl) I have a large pile of pictures, but keeping it up to date is *a lot of work*. Installation was fairly painless. I only had a few minor problems...but when it was running I had my first album in a few minutes. Now I am converting the old style (HTML hand build) albums into the gallery which is fairly easy...Thanks! and keep up the good work! "
    Fritz (12/2/2001)