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"Your program kicks BUTT!! Wow. I really wasn't expecting anything as powerful as it is.. Absolutely amazing. Once I got my server upgraded to PHP 4, the program installed like a charm. And 5 minutes later I was uploading pictures!
My hat is off to you guys for creating an absolutely awesome gallery program. Incredible."
    Henri Straforelli (9/29/2001)

You don't know how long I've needed a program just like this. :)
I'm slowly going to convert the dozens (hundreds) of pictures in my gallery to Gallery so my users can actually FIND my art. :)
Oh, I am soooo happy! Thank you thank you thank you!"
    Dee Dreslough (9/24/2001)

"All I can say is...... WOW!

You have developed an unbelieveable product, full of features and yet, easy to control. I've used other "thumbnail" software programs but they can't come close to offering the control this package offers. I love being able to delete, move or hide pictures and albums.
Absolutely amazing and pretty simple to install.
FreeBSD, Apache, PHP4 and Gallery rock!"
    Gerald T. Freymann (9/11/2001)

"I'm sorry to say that I'd never heard of your project before I saw some mention of it when combined with PostNuke. I downloaded it, looked through the docs and source code, and had a photo album up on my website in 30 minutes - and my experience level is best described as "beginner". You guys have created a power application that's easy to set up by users of all levels! Thanks for all your hard work!"
    Scott Isaacson (9/8/2001)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I downloaded and installed Gallery 1.1 in less than 10 minutes. You've made it so easy to setup and install, to use and administer. Great job!"
    Kelvin Cheah (8/26/2001)

"We've been using gallery for a few weeks now, and we couldn't be happier. My father has been looking for something to organize his collection of images and something to allow others to contribute their own pictures, and this program fits those requirements perfectly. I follow the CVS changes every day and I love the direction that the gallery is developing towards as it matures."
    Dan Jester Lerner (8/7/2001)

"I just installed the Gallery this morning, and first I'd like to congratulate you on putting together the slickest and most full-featured PHP photo album I've ever seen! Great job!"
    Cort Danger Stratton (7/16/2001)

"Thank you very much. Your software does exactly what I want it to do and it does it well! It took me less than five min. to set up. I'll keep an eye out for new revisions (although I'm not sure what other features you can add) I just wish all open source software worked this well."
    David A. Gervais (7/6/2001)

"Thanks for your Gallery Software. I was going to try to write my own when I came across yours. I have family spread out and this allows me to share pictures. My daughter had her first Birthday this past weekend and we had 118 pictures. The Gallery handled them all and resized them so that they would fit on all our family's screens.
Thanks .... this is a really great piece of software."
    Will Shattuck (7/3/2001)

"Before my daughter was born I planned on having a web-accessible image gallery that I would develop in my spare time. I didn't realize, though, just how little spare time I would have after she was born---babies are high maintenance!
After developing a web interface to my image database, and having friends and relatives around the world help enter captions for the pictures, I finally gave up adding the necessary features like image rotation, permissions, gallery hierarchies, etc.
Then I found your software. I grabbed the CVS version, hacked together some PHP to import the images from my database into Gallery, and set it up. It's fabulous!
[my gallery has] got nearly 2000 images in it so far!..."
    Sean Kelly (7/2/2001)

"Thanks for writing and maintaining Gallery. I recently installed it and found the interface intuitive, impressive visually and really just about ideal for my photo projects. I'm very grateful for your efforts!"
    Michael Wells (6/29/2001)

"...your gallery is an incredible work. It's ease of use and configuration make it very easy for people to change the pictures and upload them. My wife can even use it. I looked long and hard for your gallery and was relieved when I found it."
    Jamie Jensen (6/16/2001)

"We've been looking for something to host our photos from travels (over 1000 of them!) and I'm glad we found your script! I was about to give up and start writing my own script - but finding your contribution to the online community is such a treasure."
    Brian (6/7/2001)

"I have looking for the easy to install and maintain solution for large scale web photo album without success until I tried your product. Congratulation on professional done, great looking and easy to manipulate package which is probably the best on the 'net and well... "affordable"! You made our site Fregata.com a destination for many people that want to see their photos. Hits just jumped over 100% in the first month of usage."
    Tomas Zolnierczyk (5/2/2001)

"I am a CTO for a dot .com company in Taiwan. My wife just recently gave birth to our baby girl and we had over 200 pictures in digital format to manage and my parents were breathing down my throat for a web site to show off our baby. I quickly ran through Freshmeat and after reviewing all the photo albums out there, Gallery caught my attention. Within minutes I had it up and running (really easy to install if you use a distribution package like RedHat 7.1). And within 30 minutes, my wife was uploading pictures and tuning the captions and really enjoying putting together a photo album website (my wife can barely use the computer). After 3 days of all our friends hitting our site, my parents and other relatives requested that they wanted one too! Within 5 days of using Gallery, I'm currently hosting 4 sites for relatives and friends. Overall, Gallery is the BEST for rapid web-picture-album deployment."
    Peter Cheng (5/1/2001)

"I have just tried The Gallery 1.0 out, and I must say - It's the best! =)"
    Jeff Erlandsson (4/16/2001)

"Through a fluke my homepage address ended up on the front page of the largest newspaper in Sweden. Twice. In three days. I'd explain why but it's a long story. I logged around 500,000 hits with about 100,000 checking out my gallery and it performed like a champ. Not a single hiccup."
    Tony Fannin (4/9/2001)

"you've finally won me over from igal which was my previous favorite...THANK YOU! gallery is great. by far the best of the various programs i've seen cross freshmeat in the last year."
    Captain Larry (4/2/2001)

"I've tried many different ways to display my photos before your program is by far the best that I've tried."
    Scott Goeken (3/19/2001)

"geez man, I mean, I am blown away. The only thing is missing is SQL integration and that is it. This gallery kicks ass big time and nothing comes even close to it. Great tool!!!!! Thank you so much."
    Max Chudnovsky (11/21/2001)