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"Wonderfull, Perfect, Simply amazing. Exaclty what i needed. nuff said."
    Rob Sanders (4/25/2002)

"I have searched all over the web for an application that can do the same as gallery. NOPE NOPE NOPE !! Great job! Easy to use and completed with a very handy tool gallery remote! "
    Ed Servaas (4/22/2002)

"Its amazing. Its fast. Its simple. Its its Gallery......"
    Ian Ilsley (4/20/2002)

"Wonderful product! I set up a public member-album PN site 2 weeks ago... 300 uploads & 7000 page views later there hasn't been a single show-stopping bug at all and I have received nothing but positive feedback from the users. Awesome."
    Brian Webb (4/20/2002)

"Excellent, absolute perfect! I only wish I had come here prior to troubleshooting other galery Modules. :)"
    MASsIVE (4/20/2002)

"Your software is Amazing. The options are superb. Now i just have to get some activity on my site :) Keep up the great work...Can't say enough how good this is. Integrated with post nuke 100%"
    Shannon (4/17/2002)

"Simply great. This is easy everything, so well this must be one of them so called 'Plug and Play' applications. Great Php-Nuke integration also."
    Aldo van Amersfoort (4/16/2002)

"Love it! Gallery is the best web-based photo gallery software I have seen so far! I am using it to serve up over 1000 photos from my personal website."
    Peter R. Wood (4/15/2002)

"I have had the unfortunate experience of toying with other applications on the net that provide the same functionality as your most EXCELLENT product. In about 20 minutes I was able to install Gallery, tweak it, and download several hundred photographs. WOO HOO. :-) Thank You."
    Phillip Jackson (4/14/2002)

"I'd like to say Thank You for this exellent piece of software. This was exactly, what i needed... Easy to install, nice, clear, layout and very powerful. Thumbnails have very high quality... Works great and fast..."
    MrHussein (4/10/2002)

"Love your Gallery! Absolutely the best..."
    Christian Wisén (4/6/2002)

"Much appreciation guys, I've been using the gallery for about a month we all find it the fastest and user friendly THANKS. Even allows muggles to use it......hope to support you soon."
    Robert Borecky (4/5/2002)

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
    Jeremy A. Engleman (4/5/2002)

"I am enormously grateful to you guys for providing an absolutely superb script that practically installed itself... Gallery is clear, powerful, and intuitive. Compared to my experience trying to install other scripts, this all came together like a rather blissful dream. "
    David Le Page (4/5/2002)

"This is just amazing. I installed the Gallery within 5 minutes on my linuxbox and it worked. You absolutely follow your visions. Ok, I'm not a computerfearing housewife from Ohio, but anyway. "
    Thomas Schmid (4/4/2002)

"You need to try this [script]. It's great and user friendly (never was something so uncomplicated). Open Source proves here that they are the best. I think every body should donate 5 or 10 $ every time they use this gallery in their website. I am going to."
    Onno Timmerman (3/24/2002)

"MY GOD is this an awesome collection of script. Thank you, and I would be pleased to quote to anyone the explicatives I’ve uttered trying to create something more humble than this on my own… and to see something this good already in existence, free, and functional is incredible. Thank you very much… there were a few explicatives while installing gallery, but mostly along the lines of: “This is too motherf____ing cool.� "
    Alan Blount (3/23/2002)

"Gallery was the first and last package I tried. An absolutely painless install and great functionality. ... Thanks for your great work. "
    Neil Harvey (3/23/2002)

"I spent $109 for an upgrade to ImageFolio, and spent 5 days trying to make it work right under a server that has the Plesk Administration tool installed. It still doesn't work right. A friend told me about this application, and I had it installed and working in about 5 min. And I hadn't even gotten to imageMagic yet for the IF install. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with this application. It is a much better fit to what I wanted to use it for. I've moved up to the current beta already, and will be waiting (not so paitiently) for the 2.0 release. Once the copyright/watermark feature is added in 2.1, I will be able to do things than now take me hours, in a few seconds. This is an amazing application!!"
    Kenn Gold (3/15/2002)

"I have looked for a product that would represent my artwork easily and have enough flexibility for the viewer. Having the thumbnail page, image view in normal and full and now with the slideshow in 1.2.6...it is the killer app. Working it into PHPNuke, and having a great management system makes this top notch! Supporting a ton for file formats including steaming vids...Awesome...just awesome stuff...I have looked over four years for a product like this. I am recommending this product for anyone in the visual arts... Kudos! "
    Tony Mann (3/14/2002)