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"Gallery manages to pull off what a lot of commercial software seems to struggle at... it's feature-rich but still simple to use. You can tell that every feature has been put in because someone wanted to use it, not because the marketing department wanted to have some features to list in a brochure. If you haven't downloaded Gallery already then stop reading this and go and do it! You'll wonder how you every managed without it. "
     Steve McIlhatton (10/29/2003)

"Gallery is so awesome thank you so much for creating it. It's simple, clean, and very functional....Thanks again! "
    Scott Norton (10/28/2003)

"Just wanted to say that Gallery is an excellent software package. My website hosts pictures and brochures for Case Construction and Case IH. I maintain 3,258 images, inside of 654 albums. The system has never crashed or given me a problem otherwise. I used to have to hard code all the html for all these images, but now it is only a few clicks away from being viewable. "
    Jeremy Bush (10/22/2003)

"Merci aux concepteurs de c'est ensemble logiciel.. Car il est merveilleux ! "
    J-Luc (9/26/2003)

"I just installed Gallery two day's ago and so far I am truly impressed....There is a great support on this web site. Waiting for my password to get in to the forum which I think is a great addition to the Gallery. Thank you for creating such a nice software for people to use."
    Hildegard Patton (9/5/2003)

"After considering many options to share my photos and sketches from my travels alexlam.ca, Gallery was the hands up winner in the end. It's extremely easy to install, its interface is very intuitive and it was also fairly easy to customize and modify to fit my layout. It also helps that it has a great support base in its discussion forums and the suggested hosts that support Gallery sites. Thank you so much ! With kindest regards from Canada. "
    Alex Lam (8/20/2003)

"GREAT JOB! The installation was done in a couple of minutes. Next day I applied the IPTC patch. Import from pictures containing IPTC information works fine. Then I integrated the gallery into a PHPNuke website. COOL! Then I added a PHPNuke module to show the last five albums. Thanks a lot! "
    Markus Merz (8/13/2003)

"I Could Kick Myself For Not Installing This A Long Time Ago!

As a freelance designer and serious amateur photographer I had hundreds of images on my site. I stopped updating my static galleries months and months ago because I grew tied of manually creating html files for the images to be in popup windows, and creating thumbnails and all. This has been my first attempt at any server side language, and I can't believe that I didn't pull my hair out! Between Galie's tutorial at Eclectic Web Studios, searching the forums, and asking a few questions on the forums I have been able to customize my Gallery at http://www.sapphirestudios.net/gallery/introspective to my liking. I even found excellent hosting for this new domain of mine via your Forums. The folks at OpenSourceHost are right on the ball with replies to questions or issues. I've learned to edit PHP files and CSS files because of the bounty of information I have found from searching your site. You have no idea how happy I am to know how easy it's going to be for me to keep my Galleries updated! "
    Tina Hayes (8/4/2003)

"What a dream to install and work with! It has so many cool features that I love to mess around with just to see what happens. Totally amazing piece of software. "
    David Demner (8/2/2003)

"I'll make it short & sweet: Gallery just rocks. my motorcycle gallery is in the top 1000 (position#5) of NedStat motorbike websites..it's located @ http://gallery.roeiboot.com "
    rudeboy (7/30/2003)

"I've had my own kludgy set of perl scripts running on a web site for almost two years, as I sat down last weekend to re-design from scratch my online photo viewer, I thought: Wait, someone out there must have done this already. And you have, far better and more elegantly than I could have ever done. I especially appreciated the care that has gone into making the installation process as easy as possible. Gallery is testament to the power of open source. Thank you. Mike Driscoll Boston, MA "
    Mike Driscoll (7/16/2003)

"What a relief! After days of trying to get Coppermine to work, I decided to try Gallery. It's got a really clear, simple installation and was up and running within half an hour. Not only that, but it's got loads of Really Useful Features (such as being able to set different sort orders and layouts for different albums). And it's freeware. I'd recommend this to anyone with a reasonably large photo collection they want to organise and share on-line. "
    Phil Champ (7/21/2003)

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks. I've used a lot of software in my day, and Gallery is some of the best I've seen. As most people I have a ton of pictures, and didn't have an easy way to share them. Gallery has totally changed that and I now have almost 2,000 photos on my personal site. It works great, I have about 100 albums/sub-albums and it is just awesome!!! "
    Ross Carlson (7/15/2003)

"I've tried tons of different "photo album" scripts and software for my websites, including hand-coding my own (not recommended as it is /so /tedious!) and Gallery blows them all away. In fact, I moved my sites from my old webhost (which did not offer PHP) to my current webhost (which does) specically to be able to use Gallery. It was worth the move! I now have 3 separate Galleries running on my site (with a 4th in the works) containing 1000's of images. Gallery is very easy to install and configure and a joy to use. I'm still discovering features I didn't know were there. Fabulous job! "
    Kenneth M. Batchelor (7/4/2003)

"Gallery is simply the best."
    Jeff Mackey (7/2/2003)

"The best gallery ever seen! No db needed (though I'm a db fan, but the other galleries need mysql :-( ) Powerful (zip upload, renaming, rotating, resizing) Customizable (colors, font etc). Source code available. Thanks for your work! "
    Gianpaolo Racca (6/17/2003)

"I wanted to set up a website to post pictures for my family to see. I didn't really know anything about Apache, etc, when I was starting out. I discovered Gallery during a search for photo management packages, and got it set up within minutes. Gallery is incredible! Great job on making a truely useful and well designed product. "
    Greg Haskins (5/29/2003)

" ..After searching for many free image gallery programs..and even paid ones..I decided on using Gallery 1.3.3 for my website at pets2adopt.org. This one has the best features. Great url, user administration, permission features, photo upload, resize, shift photos between albums, search feature. What else do you need ?. ...And i loved the "Life is short so lets go ahead" thing in your installation..ya why waste more time looking for other galleries. ..My site is just being made..but i am sure i will make it a good one with the best image program at my side :) "
    Nina Hardikar (5/23/2003)

"I always got complaints about my digital pictures not being "view-able". Gallery changed all that and it's blindingly simple to bring up and get hard copy from. We use Shutterfly so you get a piece of every picture we (and my relatives) have printed. Eventually I'll turn it into a diary of sorts, but for now it's enough to have the images organized and available. Great job. "
    Dick Munroe (5/16/2003)

"Gallery.. *wow* ! I used WebShots earlier. But back then, I didn't know Gallery existed. Since then, I show my friends my photo's on my own website, using Gallery! It was great to finally have a photogallery which I can mold, twist and modify easy enough to fit all my needs! And I didn't even had to do as much as I thought I would. Just implement it into phpNuke and voilá! Thank you *so* much for making Gallery! With kind regards from The Netherlands "
    Rogier Maas (5/11/2003)