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"Thanks so much for your work on Gallery. You have made something that is extremely useful to people like me who want to put photos on the web. Gallery is easy to use and extremely powerful. Kudos."
    Nathan Harrell (5/10/2003)

"I am from Germany. First it was a little bit difficult for me to understand the installation-readme, but now it works without any problems. It is the very best gallery I have seen. Thankyou. If i would be older (than13) i would give you donation, but my money is less. Thank You Very Much. "
    Anonymous (5/8/2003)

"you guys rock the house. this app is killer, cool, and a massive time saver. i am heading to your paypal account right now to give you some beer money. thank you so much !"
    Brent (5/7/2003)

"I spent part of a week looking at and installing different packages for managing photos at liberalredneck.org- what a huge pain in the ass. Then I found gallery. Although I only had FTP access to my site, it installed easily, and worked perfectly, with just one small problem. After I read the README, I found the solution. Flexible, fast, easy, no ads... What else could you ask for? "
    Tackett Austin (5/1/2003)

"I can't believe how easy this fit into my Post Nuke website/blog http://www.mnjdesigns.com. Through your program I learned about SSH, never knew anything about setting up a program like that and the installation was painless. Great job! I'll be donating to you for further development! Keep up the great work! "
    Michael Narciso (4/30/2003)

"My name is Gene Rowley of http://www.4fishinfo.com/ and I installed your Gallery software just yesterday, replacing another I wasn't quite satisfied with. Had a couple issues at first, but have I received the E-Mails complimenting the change. This site is based on user-input and only two months old. As soon as I'm finished giving access to Members, I'm sure the Gallery will become one of the largest features on-site. What a great job you did! My hats off to ya! "
    Gene Rowley (4/28/2003)

"What a bit of kit. For me it took a bit of time to install as I am not experienced in this type of thing, but it is really worth the trouble. One of my concerns when I moved from an MSN group site, was that my website depends on it being a community and I thought how do I compete with MSN?? Well between Gallery and Invision Power Board community websites are sorted. Keep up the good work "
    Mark (Tenaki) (4/15/2003)

" I’ve been using gallery for over a year now to showcase my fiancées artwork. The feature set and usability is something I really appreciate. This is a wonderful script and I give it my highest recommendation. "
    Chris (4/12/2003)

"Hey there! I wanted to thank the team for their hard work! Gallery is a wonderful and useful tool for organization of photos; and of course the best to show them off. We're over 7000 photos now at www.dsom.com and hope to break 10k images in another month or so. Thank you! "
    Robert Doell (4/8/2003)

"Gallery is awesome. It was very easy to set-up, even for someone who is new to Linux, Apache, PHP, etc. I've integrated it with PostNuke, which also works very well. Hats off to Bharat and the rest of the Gallery team. check out our gallery "
    Rick Lobrecht (4/1/2003)

"I never had any whatsoever understanding about html, php or databases or whatever. I have learned myself internet, webmaking, and I am 42 years old..I thought that this will not work, anyway..I installed the gallery last night.. had some hours of grey hair and frustrations, but finally... It works...Now I have learned how to make gallery, how to make php portals, and i feel link a million dollars, even if I am both old and have no idea about what I do. Love it!! (from oslo Norway) "
    Laila (3/31/2003)

"I have over 2000 plus images of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and much more. This makes it so easy to up load and the gallery fits right in with my existing layout. I really would like to say thank you to the maker of the gallery software. A+++++++ "
    Paul Wood (3/28/2003)

"I don't think I could have done it with out this great software. Thank you for making it as customizable as possible! 500 Photos and counting! See my gallery"
    Jesse Wanskasmith (3/27/2003)

"Gallery has everything I've been looking for in an online image album utility compatible with PosttNuke. As a seasoned developer of over ten years, I find the code stable and very usable. Thanks for providing such a great tool. See my gallery"
    Drew Jones (3/26/2003)

"I Love Gallery…as a newbie to installing anything on my server I found it relatively easy to get up and running. I’ve been running Gallery for 7 months and it’s the most popular destination on my site. www.hosking.org/gallery I’ve made my contribution and encourage anyone who hasn’t to JUST DO IT! The Windows XP publish feature in 1.3.3 works like a dream. "
    Mike (3/15/2003)

"I just wanted to tell you and anyone that will listen how wonderful your application is. Maintaining my personal website has always been a huge management pain. I downloaded, installed, configured and completely personalized Gallery on my site is less then four total hours. That includes uploading over 700 images with many more on the way! What little support I’ve needed was wonderful and my questions were answered very quickly. I’ll be using Gallery for my wife’s photo journalism website in the near future but for now feel free to check out http://www.novirtue.com and take a look at the photo gallery section. PS - I promise to send in a donation this week…you all should too! "
    Jeff Jones (3/11/2003)

"I've tried out many different photo galleries - yours is by far the easiest to tweak the layout, easiest to install - it's lovely!!!! My gallery. I've just started monkeying with it and I love it!!!! Thank you! "
    Angel Heinemann (2/26/2003)

"Without a doubt, Gallery is *the* most elegant and simple photo and movie gallery & management system that I have come across. Since I rolled out my own gallery several months ago, my clients have continually requested that I add this to their sites as well! I've watched Gallery's development for over a year now and it only gets better. Thank you for your efforts!"
    Kevin Fields (2/25/2003)

"Thank you so much for Gallery; it is fantastic and works reliable!!!. As an old international historical Christian ecumenical organization, we work since more than 900 years worldwide on the humanitarian and Christian charitable field, we are very happy to have Gallery, because it enables us to present our members images from international events round the world and our editors of the national jurisdictions are able to visit the St. Lazaus-Gallery and to download the pictures for their national newsletters. Again: THANK you for your great donation, which helps us so much and which solved our problems, which we had before to organize this task in a professional manner. "
    Order of St. Lazarus (2/23/2003)

"Gallery rocks! I wouldnt feel right if I didnt make a donation, and submit a testimonial. I saw other similar programs for $150-$200, and gave up on making gallery. I found your site while viewing gallery on a website, and was amazed it was free and worked sooo well. I am a newbie. I dont know anything about php, didnt have shell access, didnt have netpbm, but with your config wizard and FAQ page, I had gallery up and running within an hour. Would have been a lot sooner, but I had to figure out the paths, and which netpbm to install. Thank you so much."
    David Whetstone (2/21/2003)