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"Just wanted to drop the whole Gallery 2 team a note to say thanks for a job well done. I was a user of Gallery 1 and just installed Gallery 2 and imported all of my old albums. The entire process was smooth and went without a hitch. If only all software installation went so well!"
    Erend Purdy (11/27/2005)

"I have installed lots of open source products from content managers to chat systems. I have also instaleld gallery 1x several times. This (gallery 2.x) with the easy install process was the best most efficient, and down right easiest to use. I don't know what I looked at others rather than coming right here.

I was concerned as I also needed capacity to handle mpeg movies. Guess what 2.x HAS IT! Other open source applications should look at this and copy the new install process. I am certainly going to tell all the open sourcers I use and know about it!"
    Holden Caulfield (11/14/2005)

"Hey there Gallery team you have out done yourself on Gallery ver.2.01! This is the best photo gallery on the web. This is better than all the "paid for photo gallery/image scripts" I purchased and scrapped. I just did my first install in only a few minutes, then created 9 categories and uploaded the photos in less than 20 minutes. Keep up the fantastic work!"
    Anne Laidlaw (10/25/2005)

"I am a Gallery user and I have been gathering my photos through Gallery 1. Now, with the new media supporting system on Gallery 2, I start using it on my mpeg files. Believing that happiness comes from sharing with others, I add words to the photos and mpeg files. I am happy to say that Gallery 2 and WordPress are a perfect match. Take a look at my site: http://diary.hodoni.com (sorry it a Chinese blog, but you can still see how the two systems work together). I'm glad to say that the gallery2 had wonderful multilingual support."
    Ying-Chou, Hung (9/26/2005)

"Thank you so much for all the time you've saved me, by developing such a well thought-out product! I've migrated my 17,000+ photo G1 installation at http://robotphotos.org/ to G2 and am noticing performance improvements in almost every area. Searching for keywords now only takes 2-3 seconds, instead of 2-3 minutes! It's so much better, you really should have considered jumping to a 3.x revision! ;-) "
    Michael (9/21/2005)

"I had been shivering with anticipation for gallery2 and its multisite support. This morning I migrated 3 separate gallery1 installs into a 3-site gallery2 multisite install. The whole process was very painless, the wiki documentation and #gallery-support helped me prepare everything flawlessly! My wife already loves the new look-and-feel of the UI and I look forward to playing with all the modules available. Kudos and 9 thumbs up to the gallery team!"
    Don 'rizzo' Seiler (9/15/2005)

"I did it-woohoo! I can finagle PHP somewhat-but was kind of scared and didn’t think I could do this. I have just programmed it into a client’s site for the first time. Thank you-it looks very professional and will save me loads of time for other clients as well."
    Anita Anderson (8/19/2005)

"I just switched server from a linux-box to a windows-box. I just backuped the database and my pictures, and the migration went "absolutely flawless". I'm impressed. "
    Martin Fredricsson (8/19/2005)

"I really want to thank you for developing such an excelent Gallery. As many others, I've spent years developing my Galleries website. I installed Gallery2 two days ago and the site is already online, I integrate Gallery2 with the PHP-Nuke aplication using NukedGallery. Everything is working fine and the tools provided with those aplications are something special. Using Gallery2 is a breeze and managing it is better than using a local Workflow and tranfer routine. Its lightining fast, the albuns creation is really well designed and alows massive uploads / resizing at unbelievable speeds. As soon as I can profit with my gallery you are in the top of my list for contributions."
    Marcelo Plaza (8/9/2005)

"This is the best Open based online Photo suite I’ve ever seen. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and just setup on my own Apache2 server and an online photo album. So far every one in the family loves it. Keep up the Good work folks!! Keep them Open source Penguins flying!"
    Adam Clarke (8/7/2005)

"I'm happy to speak up about the 'Gallery,' I use with my WEB site www.cyclingpeace.org

Gosh, this is the best feature of the Internet, people who actually donate a service (although good to donate to their cause)! Additionally, it works well, as I've uploaded images from all over the world and never had a problem. Our pilgrimage began in Colorado, USA, and we've uploaded images from there to Sweden, to The Netherlands, to Nepal, and now from China without a hitch! "
    F.A. Hutchison (7/4/2005)

"I use Gallery for a long time and I can only notice, nevertheless what I was able to test besides, it is, and by far, the best script of gallery that I know. Bravo and thank you"
    Chris "Flying Frog" (5/22/2005)

"Wow. I bow before your greatness! What a thrill. I began the install process of Gallery after I took a look at all the files. I was intimidated by the size of it. Gallery was probably the 25th gallery installation I had gone through. All of them lacking. Several of them not working. Some I had paid for and never got working right and never liked.

But Gallery beats them all. I am absolutely thrilled with your product. Installed cleanly and with some minor tweaking, I have a great looking, stable and complete gallery up and running on my artist resource website. The installation files were easy to follow and the actual installation process a pleasure because it is so well written. The documentation is great. The admin area, too, is put together with great documentation and obviously a lot of thought.

And it integrates perfectly with Mambo. Now all I have to do is find a template for the main website to show off the gallery in all it's glory.

Thank you very much. It has performed beyond my wildest expectations!"
    Judith Carrell (5/21/2005)

"Great product, even for beginners like me. Simple to install, configure, manage and upgrade. What more could I ask for? Gallery 2 final release, of course!"
    Favio Pieiller - Italy (5/18/2005)

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful script. I operate a vintage motorcycle site based on phpnuke with about 2,500 members. We have been using Gallery for about 2 years and have a little over 1,600 images in the gallery. I recently upgraded to version 1.5 and have to say that it is absolutely beautiful. The upgrade was very easy. I am very impressed at with well Gallery integrates with the site theme. Simply put Gallery is the most powerful, feature rich product of its kind and the entire development team should feel very proud of a job well done."
    Dave Krager (5/15/2005)

"I'm using Gallery for about 2 years. For me it is the best opensource gallery. I did not find any better. Easy to install, configure and use too."
    Tomáš Bystričan (4/8/2005)

"Gallery is up and running within minutes. It spares you weeks of hard coding. I should have found it months before. And you guys should get something like the The Oscar of the Internet."
    Felix Graf (3/30/2005)

"I love gallery. A friend recommended it. I installed it and was in heaven. I want to put EVERYTHING in Gallery. I put my photos in Gallery to share with friends, but I even found a great use for Gallery. I have a collection of about 2000 (+-) recipe cards. It's always been such a pain to search through the cards to find something I want. I even made a spread sheet with the names and numbers of all the cards so that I could search them easily. However, I still had to go and pull the card to find out what was in it, how easy was it to prepare, and if it even looked appetizing at the time. Now with Gallery, I've scanned in all of the cards and now can search and visualize my entire collection. THANK YOU Gallery."
    Shellie Brattain (3/29/2005)

"Within an hour of downloading, I had Gallery up and running. I promised to help a friend organize wedding photos coming in from a lot of people. Gallery is exactly what I wanted! I didn't have a single problem setting up or configuring. Talk about professional grade open-source software -- this project is top-notch. "
    Matt Peavy (3/24/2005)

"Hey! Just wanted to say how much of a pleasure it is to have Gallery. The integration with Geeklog is complete and painless. Gallery has a ton of features, yet is easy to install and use. Thank you for this awesome software!"
    Erich Vinson (2/5/2005)