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"The easiest, most precise installation instructions I have every encountered. Up and running in less than a half hour (maybe a few minutes longer due to wine consumption). Congratulations on an exceptional product. Thanks once again. "
    ray123hoff (08/06/2007)

"I want you to know how impressed i am with the Gallery2 Photo CMS. This is among the finest I've seen in Open Source Community. It's so simple to install and configure. Uploading images with Gallery Remote is very easy, and changing and editing themes are quite smooth. May your future endeavors be as successful as this one has been. "
    Vikram Singh Rao (08/04/2007)

"I installed gallery 1.5.6 yesterday and integrated it into Mambo successfully. I was having trouble with getting the images to show but I kept troubleshooting. I searched your forums and looked at the FAQ and finally found the problem. I just wanted to post because I saw that a lot of people were having the same problem but they created a new post on it without researching it first. I just wanted to let you know that people ARE reading the FAQ and ARE reading the forums to find solutions and not just posting first. THANKS! You guys have a great product. I'm in the Air Force and it's going to be great having a gallery on my site that my family can check and keep up on my family without having to go to an external host like webshots or photobucket to get the pics. Thanks again."
    Alan (06/28/2007)

"I just downloaded and installed Gallery 2.2. Setup and installed was so easy for a newbie likes me. It was amazing. I love it, it's simple, very user friendly software. Now I can manage my personal gallery online. Thank you for the wonderful program."
    Wai M (06/30/07)

"I used Gallery v1 several years ago when I was running a personal photo album and I knew I would not be disappointed when I installed v2 for a new project yesterday. The package is fantastic--the default theme is clean and simple, everything is laid out logically, and the software doesn't waste my time with annoying quirks or an unintuitive workflow. You should be proud. You've created one of the finest, most polished open-source products available."
    Brandon Thomson (06/24/2007)

"I'm new to the comunity and I should agree with you guys. This tool is amazing. I used to work with an ASP gallery that just gave me headaches. Thanks! "
    morrisqueto (05/27/2007)

"I recently installed your aplication on my site. man.. THIS IS WILD ! The best & easiest image server utility I've met. The auto install feature was probably magic.. because I set back, had a soft drink, and smiled all the way to "Installation Successful". Good stuff. I know this utility is freeware, and I intend to donate soon as much as I can afford to it. I was *really* amazed by the simplicity of everything in it. I'm not that "veteran" in webmastering - and believe me, I have found my love ^^ *Thank you sir for the hard work you put into it.*"
    Nir (06/07/2007)

"I'm still reeling over how simple it is to be so powerful, a wonderful tool. Many thanks."
    Herald4Justice (04/26/2007)

"This is genius. I was using yappa for a couple years, completely oblivious of gallery. Don't know what I was ever thinking =) And surprisingly the default gallery theme seems to make the most sense... [see here] Thanks, guys."
    Michael Hines (04/04/2007)

"I just wanna thank the Gallery team for producing such a great product. I want to particularly thank the principle developers -- bharat, mindless, and valiant -- who seem to put so much energy into making this product a living and breathing entity. It amazes me that they have the time to work on their day jobs, work on gallery code, and still have time to read the forum posts and help countless users out. (Also that someone in Switzerland can work so closely with people in California is impressive). You guys are doing a bang up job! "
    Sneeper (03/02/2007)

"Thanks for your hard work. You and your cohorts are an inspiration to the open source community. You flat out make the world a better place to live in. My family and I enjoy it very much. It is working great for documenting our new baby's early years and the wife loves it. The Grandmothers on both sides also use and enjoy it a lot."
    Craig, Jennifer, and Zachary (03/08/2007)

"Elegant, simple and powerful. I absolutely love it. Alone with PG theme it makes my painting gallery looks professional. Thanks for the work."
    Joseph (02/24/2007)

"Hi, thanks to you, I put up over 62,000 royalty free photographs on gallery 2. Thank you!"
    Polly (02/20/2007)

"Congratulations and many many thanks for this powerfull gallery creator. Very good installation wizard and what a lot of possible customization. For me this is the best i've ever seen !"
    Fred (02/01/2007)

"I just wanted to say that Gallery 2, Remote Gallery Mac and Win XP were the best executed installs I ever ran. If you do it by the book, it will work, period. And, BTW, Drupal 5 integration install was the same - easy, worked first time. Thanks people for superb work. "
    Lanny (12/31/2006)

"I am the owner/operator of a medium sized web site and have been a Gallery user for several years. I just went from Gallery 1 to G2 and it was pretty much smooth as silk....and I am not a web genius by any means. 9,000+ images transferred easily (with a few searches on this forum) and my new Gallery is in place and running well! It should be known that I am only a mid-level user, good at HTML and not much more. I appreciate the Open Source and this excellent forum with tons of good info. I will be making a donation shortly and just wanted to say THANKS!!!!"
    Chris (11/15/2006)

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for Gallery. It is an exceptional program. And the fact that you made it Open Source is also something. I am very happy to send you this donation and you may absolutely use my opinion of your wonderful product."
    Michael Grice (11/09/2006)

"I am very very impressed with Gallery2 and thought I must get in touch with you regarding the same. I am a Cinematographer and am planning to use Gallery2 for my work and portfolio! Thanks for such a wonderful tool!"
    Paramvir Singh (10/17/2006)

"I finally got around to upgrading my Gallery 1 install with 900+ photos (in use since 2002) to Gallery 2, and I have to say the installation process and migration functions were probably the best I've ever encountered. For an open source, community contributed, web-based platform, I'm seriously impressed by the level of polish and professionalism in the interfaces alone. Though I'm becoming accustomed to expect greater versatility and uptodatedness of open source software, Gallery 2 blew my expectations out of the water."
    Justin Watt (10/05/2006)

"This is an amazing development; I can’t believe the amount of detail and the ease of use it offers. The extensions development is beautifully programmed and it’s really easy to integrate. I don’t have any questions as it is pretty much all explained. I just wanted to congratulate the developers of this project and thank them from the core of my heart for making this project Open Source and most of all for the amazing work which has been done here. I was trying to develop a Photo Gallery but when I came across this, I don’t think I can even come close to something like this thanks your team that I can customize this and do not need to develop a new solution from scratch. "
    Mishraz (09/25/2006)