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"I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I appreciate your work on the Gallery project. I've been a long time G1 user but ran into difficulties with my server a couple years ago and never got around to getting it up and running again.

Last weekend I downloaded latest G2 developer build and installed it on my server with SQLite and was amazed at how slick the process was. Installing G1 was easy, but G2 was ridiculously easy.

Many thanks for the great project and especially for the new SQLite module with G2. You guys rock!"
    Adam Shand (07/18/2008)

"I MUST say kudos to you and your company on a absolutely fantastic installer for Gallery2.

I was able to install Gallery2 yesterday night in about less than 5 minutes flat flawlessly. The script is GREAT, very well thought of, very informative, educational and above all error less. Keeps the person installing Gallery2 always attuned to what's going on and what will happen in the next step. Exhaustive checklist on what to do as a sidebar before the next step can be accomplished.

In particular, I liked your idea of actually creating the "login.txt" file with the code built in for verifying that the webmaster is the actual person installing Gallery2. "
    Fali D. Shroff (06/27/2008)

"Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts in making, maintaining and improving Gallery. So, thanks :) "
    Daniel (06/22/2008)

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gallery. I'm a digital mom with a new grandson and I love sharing my photos with my family. Most of the public photo sites either require you make at least one purchase a year, or there is tons of advertising, or they are very confusing to navigate. When I saw that my web host had Gallery as a feature, I tried and love it. It's easy to use, reliable and my family can download higher resolution versions of my photos.

Then my host changed their platform and many of their features were dropped or being charged for. When I learned I could install Gallery myself, I tried it on a site with a different host. I'm just a step up from novice and it took me a little while to figure it out, but I did it. So I was able to leave the host I no longer wanted to stay with and switch to a new host with better services. I installed the Gallery 1.5 and it was fairly simple to do. The install process picked up most of the information that I wouldn't have been sure of and the rest was pretty straight forward.

Now I have Gallery installed on two of my domains, one just for me, my kids, grandkids, pets, family history... what ever strikes my fancy. The other I set up for other members of my family so that they could each have their own Gallery Album and upload their own photos themselves.

Gallery makes having my own domain sooo worth the small expense, and SO much fun. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have Gallery on their web site, to show products, or vacation or special events... what ever. And it's private, no advertisements, no having to share the site with thousands of other people, my own private URL with a name my family and friends know. It's wonderful!!!

Thank you so very much for this wonderful, fun and easy software.

Chatsworth, CA
    Carol (4/28/2008)

"I struggled to get Gallery 1 working last year, especially connecting to the various tools on the host's server. This last weekend, I had the opportunity to load Gallery 2, and decided to use the "Pre-Installer" - It worked fantasically - It was far faster to have the host's server "ftp" file archive directly and then the installation worked really well to. Try it, you wont regret it"
    Dave (04/23/2008)

"I have installed Gallery 2 with an E107 interface to my E107 intranet and it is getting compliments from everyone - both viewers and administrators! I expected "functional" but it has so much in terms of themes my fellow employees are blown away. It's saved hours of compressing files and the IT department now loves us because we halved our server space usage. Thank you for all your hard work on such a great product!"
    Dianne Volek (04/05/2008)

"I would like first thank the Gallery Team for creating such a great piece of Open Source Application, This was my first time using gallery and was so impressed by the features and support made available. I am defiantly will contribute code to the board along with some modules. Thanks for all those who answered my Posts."
    oceandev08 (01/17/2008)

"Hello everyone, About a year ago I first posted here asking for help on migrating my gallery from version 1 to the latest. As a designer, I had trouble grasping some of the technical jargon in G2, especially customizing it to do what I wanted it to do. After a lot of sweat and tears, I finally was able to learn the ins and out of it. Along the way, a lot of people here in the forum helped me out (a big thanks to Floridave!) and I was able to basically get the website out of my mind and into code form. Already, in less than 2 days, traffic has been picking up. A lot of my visitors love the COMMENT feature as well as the FORMATTED URLS for posting. Voting and Rating are also a big hit. Thanks Gallery team for making this possible for me. Based on feedback from my visitors, the #1 thing they want now is: ability to easily upload their photos into the gallery. The current setup is way too complicated and therefore I now use a third party form to make this easier as seen on my UPLOAD A PHOTO page. The other features that are requested is a bridge between vbulletin and G2 so users don't have to register for 2 accounts to post a comment (which is why I have guest comments on) AND a more seamless integration of adding comments to the photos without having to click the BACK TO PHOTO AND COMMENT link after it is posted. Thanks. "
    skunker (01/21/2008)

"The best things in life ARE free :) I didn't want my 1st post on these forums to be anything other than praise! It's hard to believe such feature rich and powerful software is free and also a forums area with quick and friendly tech support! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE involved in this project! "
    PowerJunkie (12/29/2007)

"Gallery is the tenth script of its kind I've installed on my server. I've found several other scripts that looked promising when viewing the feature lists at the respective sites, only to have the installation process result in a nightmare of confusion (and I'm not a novice at this phase of the process). Gallery's install was brilliantly conceived. In this early stage of using Gallery, I'm excited about the fact that the interface seems very uncomplicated. To me this means that skinning the Gallery will also be very uncomplicated. I found Gallery at WikiPedia, and so far I'm very happy I found the program. Thank you for offering this Gem to the Internet community. "
    Harry Governick (12/08/2007)

"Not long ago, I installed Gallery2 as a Drupal module on one of my web sites. I did it primarily because I wanted to see how it would stack up against the other image gallery software I use on my other sites. I have to say that I am absolutely astonished at the impressive program that's been developed here. But the program is not the half of it. When I go to the forums, I see that the Gallery team has developed a "culture" that is open and willing to help people use and support this product. I am more impressed with the people who administer this program. Your willingness to help people who are just starting to use this program is commendable. While I don't normally waste time with "warm fuzzys", I just wanted to recognize the people who make this program happen, not only for their great programming, but their outstanding people skills too. Thanks! "
    donfink (12/07/2007)

"Thanks for Gallery. It´s a great product with many features and best of all - setup is really easy, you can´t do anything wrong. We (hitflip.de) use it for our internal gallery and are very happy with the product! Thanks to everybody who helped to create Gallery. Best regards, Peter from Germany"
    Peter Harder (12/06/2007)

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all how have worked on this project as well as the many people who have contributed to this forum. A little over a year ago, I was asked to set up a photo gallery for our high school band so that those of us who were shooting pictures could put them in a single place that would all the students and parents to easily access them. Since that time, the site has grown to include over 13,400 pictures sorted into may different album levels. We have five photographers shooting pictures at every show and in one month, I tracked over 8.5GB of traffic and over 287,000 page hits. The most popular feature is the ability for the kids to get together and run the slide shows on their home computers after the weekends shows. Again, many thanks to all involved! "
    cburling (12/03/2007)

"I just downloaded an installed Gallery 2. Can I just congratulate the team on creating a first class installation experience? This was the best installation wizard I have used by far, easy to use, informative and with some superb features which enable people to install their gallery installation. It really does prove that spending the additional time on coding the install properly pays off. Very very well done!"
    James (11/22/2007)

"Hi Gallery2 developers. Thank you all. What a superb professional user oriented and smart set of PHP scripts. What a great web photo album application you have produced. Thank you,"
    Leon Opit (11/09/2007)

"Since this is the place for feedback, I just wanted to let any developers of Gallery2 that this is a great piece of software. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for. Mostly, it was easy for me to install (being better with cameras that php files. The install was a pleasant surprise after dealing with some other 'automated' install programs, and the security warnings were a bonus. I've been playing with it for a couple of hours and have a good grip on it, and I'm sure I'll have more questions and confusion along the way. But for now, I can only say, "WOW" Thanks! Gallery ROCKS!"
    macpuppy (11/09/2007)

"Kudos to all of you developers, Your product is great, the code is written brilliantly, and by reading your weekly status I'm very impressed. It looks so professional! It really gives me a new opinion on PHP (I got acquainted with PHP before OO features made it in). It's the living proof that one can make real industrial-strength applications with PHP. It's great! I'm currently evaluating G2 to replace my huge photo and video gallery, and I'm sure version 2.3 will convince me to switch, once the flash videos are properly transcoded and rendered. Thanks again, and keep the ball rolling!"
    Jean-Baptiste Quenot (11/01/2007)

"I just wanted to leave some feedback and say what a great piece of software Gallery 2 is. It has a very complete feeling feature set & the UI is very well considered, especially considering it's freeware. Well done to all involved!"
    kubox (08/17/2007)

"Thanks to the developers for creating Gallery. It's a great piece of software and I am glad it is available for "free"."
    Jens_T (08/13/2007)

"Incredible! Such flexibility and Power is usually only found in expensive commercial packages. The installer was near perfect! Love it Thanks to your team for doing this – and the security is amazing."
    Bruce (09/20/2007)