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"After searching and trying out many different GPL and licensed PHP gallery applications, it is very obvious which one is by far the best! I know it's more fun to write something yourself, but as if I could ever hope to write something as stable and fully featured as what you are offering. Your donation is coming very soon ;) Baby will have to go without nappies for a few days... (just kidding) "
    Miles Tillinger (12/8/2002)

"I really think this is the best script I've ever seen for a gallery administration. "
    Gonzalo Rodriguez (12/6/2002)

"I am a keen amateur photographer and I just wanted an easier way to put the digital pics online for friends and family to enjoy. Whilst Adobe Photoshop and other programs do a fine job they tend to be static once created. Gallery allows me to add, delete. move, caption and reorder at will. 2 days ago I knew nothing about PHP (still don't really) but in a matter of hours was able to create my first galleries for others to enjoy, Any questions I had were answered already by others in the forum archives. The hardest part was working out how to get around the fact my ISP blocks port 80 - I even got clues how to do this on the site. I am looking forward to G2 and will "lurk" around the forums answering what questions I may. Many thanks! See my gallery "
    Dean McGearey (12/5/2002)

"!GREAT! Just great :) I saw the application 'at work' on some site and just knew I could use it as well. And simple to use indeed, thanks for your work "
    Bjorn Vanneste (12/5/2002)

"Gallery has quickly become the centerpiece of our family website. It has enabled us to stay in touch from around the globe with ease. Thank you for the incredible program and outstanding support. Please keep it up! "
    Andy Jensen (12/3/2002)

"Thank you guys so much for making this software available to everyone. I had it up and running in no time and it is the best photo system I have ever seen, let alone used. I am most appreciative, and now my website looks snazzy, too. Thank a lot! "
    Kurt Riedi (11/30/2002)

"I think Gallery is an incredible program, it allows me to easily upload and 'edit' my pictures within gallery. Using this for our family photos has saved me a lot of time. I will say, I even donated $20 towards the effort. I know it is not a lot, however, every bit help. Also the MODS, know their stuff and are willing to help you though your problems. THANKS TO ALL for a great program. Keep it up!! "
    Scott /aka/ Jacksdad (11/30/2002)

"This program is most fabulous. It has so many options that it seems you have thought of everything. I am a makeup artist who needed a good photo program to profile my work and with GALLERY I have certainly found it for my site at http://www.jimsacca.com. You rock! "
    Jim Sacca (11/29/2002)

"Thank you so much for writing this script!!! I've been maintaining many websites for years and using Photoshop to create thumbnails and manually creating galleries. What a ton of work this script saves me!! I'm not very experienced with PHP, but your instructions made up for that. The initial install and setup took me a few hours to figure out, but now I'm rolling. If I can do this, anyone can. I'll recommend this script to everyone! It's the best script I've found for photos, and I've tried plenty of them."
    Bob Burgee (11/21/2002)

"Incredible - absolutely incredible! I recently started a webhosting business and had decided to offer site templates for sale. My problem - what would be the best and most professional way to accomplish this? I hopped on over to my favorite PHP site and found Gallery! Admittedly, I downloaded and tried several other image display programs - but NONE of them compared to Gallery! Thank you for such an incredible product - and I'm looking forward to the release of G2! "
    Craig Watkins (11/20/2002)

"I have to admit I was a little nervous. I have not played with scripts or PHP much (ok, not at all) and I was a little nervous about all those comments, FAQ's and questions in the forum. But to my surprise..it was very easy. I had the photo album up and running within a couple hours. Thank you for writing a great script. "
    Paul Tocknell (11/20/2002)

"First off, amazing! I've never had any real experience with php or chmod, just the basics. I must admit, it was easy to upload and install. I am truly happy with the service you and your team have provided! I was so happy, I added credit of your service on my site for others. You help turn a basic wallpaper site into a more user friendly place. Thank you! "
    Christian Gott (11/17/2002)

"WOW!!!! Not much more can be said!!! I have been dealing with lots and lots of scripts and have never come across a more intuitive, easy to administer and use, productive piece of code. You guys have a winner here!! The gallery is now running on two websites of mine (http://www.hernandez-family.org and http://www.52auxiliary.com) and will soon put it on more sites. I am so glad I found you guys. Expect a nice donation from me in the very near future. I'm funding my PayPal Account as we speak!!! "
    Juan P. Hernandez (11/8/2002)

"Lean and mean...just what we needed!"
    Brent Burval (10/14/2002)

"I'm working Gallery for 3 days now, and it's exactly what I was looking for. Bikers often complain about the fact that they can't put their pictures on the internet somewhere, but with this piece of software all that is over! I know for sure my site is going to be a success"
    Mark (10/8/2002)

"IMHO "Gallery" wins over similar projects on several fronts: including features, ease of installation, superior UI design, support community, and well prioritized enhancements. I dumped my original NT/IIS host and moved over to Linux/Apache just so that I could get "Gallery" running. I think Bharat and the rest of the team deserve special mention for producing highly disciplined code. I've yet to run across obvious bugs. The only time I thought I'd stumbled into one, it turned out to be an Apache/PHP issue. Thanks for creating an awesome program! "
    Anand Inumpudi (9/28/2002)

"Dang. What incredible software. I run a few web sites for a friend of mine and he wanted a photo gallery on one of them. I already had PHP-Nuke running on that site, so I thought I'd look for something compatible. I typed "PHP Image Gallery" into google, and this software came up in the top 5. I can't express how blown away I am. I mean: wow! Configuration, ease of use, features out the wazzoo. Unbelievable. Way to go! If only multibillion-dollar companies from Redmond could write software that was this easy and so clearly on-target for its audience. my site: windowscrash.com "
    Paco Hope (9/15/2002)

"Our local Hare Krishna temple had been using webshots to show off their photo collection. I thought this was unprofessional, so when I took over as webmaster I decided to do a full revamp of the site and install Gallery as well. We use addr.com and after deleting the mod_rewrite code from one of the .htaccess files and then ftping the netpbm binaries over, it worked!! In one month I had installed 3 photo albums by making my own thumbnails and ftping. Two weeks after I installed Gallery, I now have about 10 photo albums. This is an awesome program and just what we needed. Now that I've freed up my time, I can use it for improving the site and not just making thumbnails. Thank you for a wonderful product. "
    Michael Staggs (9/15/2002)

"Having tried a couple of other 'similar' products on my server and failed to get them configured, I tried Gallery. The intuitive interface for setup is very refreshing for a php install, I had to download NetPBM and JHEAD from the standalone downloads that you have already added to your site and everything worked first time!. For your records, I installed the Linux jhead and NetPBM (built on RedHat i think!) downloads that you have. My server is Mandrake 8.1 Running PHP 4.0.6 and Apache 1.3.22 and they worked just great."
    Peter Pugh-Jones (9/11/2002)

"After having several lame websites over the years, primarily due to having to create thumbnailed galleries one by one on Frontpage, my network admin. buddy hooked me up with your program. In a few short days I had a beautiful gallery up for my friends and family like I’ve always hoped for. I’m still working out a couple kinks, but everyone is blown away by the looks (especially the slide show) and the search options. What a lifesaver! I’ve had almost 200 unique visitors in just a week to the gallery (fame spread by word of mouth, I’m sure), which is fairly decent for a small-time site like mine. Anyhow, thanks a lot and keep up the good work! "
    Anita Bath (9/8/2002)