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"I run a nonprofit organization whose participants work from home in geographically disparate locations, which makes for a challenging environment in which to build a sense of community. Fortunately, the Gallery software package is an effective tool to help solve this problem. With Gallery, we can take pictures of our gatherings, events, projects, and participants and post them for all of our volunteers and supporters to see, especially those who are normally too geographically remote to participate in the social activities. Of course, this was a technical possibility without Gallery, but Gallery makes it time-effective and therefore practical."
    Graham Freeman (7/11/2002)

"I have been using gallery v1.2.5 since it appeared (and since I got my webserver on linux!). I just upgraded to v1.3 and I'm impressed! The slideshow is one kickass addition to the project, not to mention the new way to display album thumbnails vs. photo thumbnails! "
    David McDowell (7/8/2002)

"Your product is not only very good, but it is also smart, intuitive and fast. I have tried many other commercial products, and none have worked like yours. I am glad I stumbled onto Gallery. My small donation is a way of saying how please I am with the product and to encourage you to continue with the development. Many thanks and keep up with the good work."
    Mario J. Fachler (7/7/2002)

"Gallery is excellent software. I tried so many other Web album software and I did not find the features that Gallery offers. Excellent work!"
    Simos Xenitellis (7/6/2002)

"Wow! This is a program that I always looked for. It so good, I think I couldn't done it better myself. Its the gallery program to use. "
    Henrik Magnusson (7/4/2002)

"This was probably the 5th php script I've installed for a photo gallery. Others just didn't live up to expectations or just plain didn't work. This installed easily, imported folders of pictures I had on the web as well as my home PC. It's awesome. Easy to use for me the webmaster and all my users, which are usually a bit younger. I have 400 pics in the gallery now and will put hundreds more on it this year. Great job, I'll be donating soon."
    Michael (7/4/2002)

"Gallery it just works. Go Go Go gallery compile!"
    MD (6/28/2002)

"Thank you for these wonderful program. Now I can manage my photos on my website"
    Gabriele & Alfred Schmidt (6/27/2002)

"Gallery is easy to install & configure and looks great. My users have complimented it non-stop since I have installed it. I commend you on a great piece of user friendly software! Keep up the good work! "
    Nick Burchett (6/27/2002)

"I installed your gallery, and last night uploaded 563 photos with it in many different galleries. Very efficient, and effective. I love the downloadable client. Best part was the simple instructions for integration with PHPNuke. Although it's a simple process already, it's nice that you included it. "
    JT Thompson (6/23/2002)

"This program freakin' rules. Hands down some of the best software I've ever used. The remote deal is awsome, the install is so painless and everything is just soo smooth. Thanks VERY much. I promise to donate as soon as my next pay check comes!"
    Neil Sly (6/18/2002)

"For the past few months, I've been searching for something like Gallery that would allow me to post any photos I may have onto the internet as easily as possible. Well, after several failed attempts, I found Gallery, and with my new digital camera on the way, I can't wait to start taking pictures, just so that I can upload them into Gallery! Excellent job, and keep up the great work!"
    Terrance Shaw (6/18/2002)

"One of the most functional galleries ever! I simply love it, simple to use, easy to install!"
    Eugene Khoo (6/16/2002)

"I run a Postnuke site for the golf community in Ontario, Canada. We take a lot of photos of courses as we go around for our reviews and I wanted a good format for displaying them to members and visitors alike. Gallery is just the ticket! Check us (and Gallery!) out!"
    Tim Skinner, Golf Gurus (6/15/2002)

"i really like the gallery you guys put together. it does alot of what i wanted. there are a few things i wish it would do, but it does so much right now that i can't complain. it works great on my website. THANKS!!"
    Donnie La Curan (6/13/2002)

"I love Gallery -- my users love Gallery -- it's such a great script!!! It's truly one of greatest contributions to communities on the net!"
    Dan Lauckner (6/12/2002)

"I cannot thank you enough in helping me to discover The Holy Grail of Image Galleries. Absolutely easy to install, configure, upload, and to navigate. Wow ! The future is really here.... "
    Martyn Overy (5/28/2002)

"Just installed Gallery, and it's fantastic. So good in fact that I had to mail you, which I've never done before. Thanks very much for this software, I am well chuffed."
    Ceri (5/27/2002)

"Simply love it! A flawless install for me with version 1.3 under PHPnuke 5.5! Great and looking very good as well. I,ve seen and installed other galleries, but I knew this was the one I needed when I first saw it. If anyone experiences a problem during install, keep faith and suffer the pain until it works, because it is worth it!"
    Geerten (from nl) (4/28/2002)

"Just thought I'd drop you a thank you note - your Gallery software is first-rate... a wonderful, easy-to-use, and comprehensive photo gallery package. A top job! "
    Richard Stewart (4/28/2002)