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"I want to take a minute to say how much I love this system! After we installed Gallery (www.falkware.com/gallery) maintaining pictures has been a breeze! ... Thanks for a killer system! In my opinion Gallery is turning out the be the most powerful, royal gallery system there is. It beats high selling versions by far! "
    Falkware (11/30/2001)

"I can't quite tell you how amazed I am at the gallery project. It's just amazing! Usually I'll come across a product that easy to use but impossible to install and maintain, or vice-versa. You have designed (and your team) a truely great project. It was a piece of cake to install and even easier to use. The only little trouble I ran into was the initial admin login. I wasn't sure if the login was 'administrator' or 'root'. Well, I just wanted to drop you a few lines and tell you that I am very very impressed and also saw your personal gallery..great pics! "
    Vijay Avarachen (11/30/2001)

"Just downloaded and installed Gallery. IT IS AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!! I have finally gotten all my photos of my plane construction available to other builders...Just had to let you guys know how much I appreciate all your efforts."
    Tom Hutchison (11/29/2001)

"Thanks for the time and effort you've put into Gallery; I'm really enjoying using it. "
    Andrew Leonard (11/24/2001)

"...I have successfully installed gallery on my website. Everyone that sees it is very impressed! I sometimes hesitate to take the credit for Mediratta's code, other times I say "aah yea, it was hard work but it turned out good"...Installation was kinda rough, mainly due to my oversights but I got through it.... This is one of the best modules out there for postnuke IMO.... Thanks to everyone..."
    Brian (11/27/2001)

"Gallery is great! Thanks for making such a powerful tool available for free. I searched all over the 'net looking for a photo album script that had all the features I was looking for--Auto thumbnailing, user uploads, and a customizable interface--and I couldn't find anything that was selling for less than $199 and up. Then, I saw Gallery being used on actor Wil Wheaton's website, www.wilwheaton.net. After investigating further, I determined that Gallery's robust set of features and ease-of-use made it a great fit for my website, too.

Gallery is--hands down--the perfect tool to build a community around."
    Mike (Jink eez) (11/20/2001)

"Just wanna' thank u' for this fantastic piece of software. Just did a 1.1 to 1.2.2 update, and EVERYTHING went great."
    Steen Brølling (11/14/2001)

"I just wanted to let you know that this "gallery" script is "amazing"!!! I tried out probably 10 scripts (d/l from hotscripts.com) but none of them work for me. Some are easy to install but don't work as they supposed to. Some are just too hard to configure. (I'm not a programmer)

When I tried out "gallery" I had only 20% or less hope that it's going to work because it's such an awesome and powerful photo gallery script! I almost gave up when unzip the files (wow...so many files...it must be too hard to install!!!)

Anyway...I don't think it's a luck rather than your awesome awesome script that put my gallery up online within 10 minutes. (Oh, I just had to spend a few minutes downloading netpbm)

Thank you so much!!! You made my dream comes true!"
    Teetee (11/9/2001)

"After running a pure HTML site for a 1 ½ years all I can say is WOW! My new PostNuke site is complete with the easy addition of your module. All our friends and families might finally get upto date pictures now that I don't have to make thumbnails, ftp and code the page. Keep up the great work."
    Ted Thompson (11/7/2001)

"Don't stop, your product is really good... simple, professional, all features we need are there! I tryed lot of product, and yours is really a best off ! :-)"
    Yves Martin (11/5/2001)

"Hands down, the best I have ever seen. I'm usually very iffy about open source (projects that stay in beta forever), but I downloaded your product and gave it a whirl, and it did everything that I could ever want and then some! Major props for this excellent piece of work, I am forever in your debt!

Keep up the good work."
    Donald Sumbry (11/5/2001)

"...your gallery software is by far the best I've used..."
    I.N.F.O. Hounds Webmaster (11/3/2001)

"This is the best photo album that i have ever used, i've been nagging on my friends to create one of these , but they havent got the time... Thanks alot :)"
    Fredrik Winäs (11/2/2001)

"I'm running NetBSD, and I'm using your Gallery! ... your gallery software is VERY GOOD!"
    Kwame (11/2/2001)

"Just to let you know that your Gallery software is some of the very best I've seen. I am amazed at the attention to detail, information and effort that has been put into this! Installation was a breeze. Uploading pictures was a breeze. Integration into PHP-Nuke was a breeze. In no time at all, I had 1700 family photos online and organized. Great job. Thank you."
    Phillippe Welsh (10/31/2001)

"..thanks for making this great software available! for us it's a great solution."
    Siske Kroeger (10/24/2001)

"This is such a great application! Finally, no more repetitive updating of pictures, and this works from anywhere in the world! GREAT if you're on holiday...Thanks guys!"
    Stian Lund (10/22/2001)

"My first impressions were, you bastard :)

Why? I was about 1/10th into developing a personal PHP powered image gallery for my meagre collection of pixel memories when I discovered your work of art. Therein ended my attempt to develop a commercial quality PHP application ... nuts! Sure, it took me a few hours to figure out the installation (my server didn't have jhead or netPBM & I suck at unixy stuff) but when I finally did.... crikey it rocks.

Does everything I ever dreamed of, and more (but of course, now I want more).
Can't wait for version 2 with all it's rumoured tweaks & features.
I give you 5 cows, two thumbs up, 10 stars etc etc."
    Alistair (alixta) (10/22/2001)

"I would like to thank you for you Gallery Software. It is very neat, featured enough and useful.
If I wanted to create the same product - photo album, the ideal of my work would be your's Gallery."
    Constantine Lisitsin (10/19/2001)

"Hi... I love your Gallery application!! I think it's comprehensive and it's a killer app!"
    Christian Lee (10/2/2001)