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"Just wanted to throw out some sincere thanks for all the hard work the devs have done on this app. It's truly outstanding, and blows away anything else I've looked at in terms of sheer functionality and "robustness". It took me a little while to get it working the way I wanted it to, but once I understood how everything worked (or at least the stuff I needed it to do - lots more to discover, I'm sure!), it's a BREEZE to use. My initial frustrations were being a little overwhelmed with the myriad of options that exist, but once I wrapped my head around it, I was off and running. Kudos to you all for a job well done. Thanks again."
    jeff_wilson2000 (09/23/2006)

"Just a short note to say Thank You for all of the work that youse guys put into this program. I am quite new to this web page stuff & am absolutely in awe of the way that it worked. Totally awesome how it's self unzipping, with a web based install that worked just great. I had a couple of spots where I needed some help & you folks had a wonderful tutorial available to get through them. Way to go."
    Jon (09/20/2006)

"I have used gallery for a couple of years now. I wrote the puzzle module last year. And, this year, I have been able to use the Gallery2 framework to develop something I have thought about for years. I have to say that I am really impressed with the architecture of the Gallery2 project. I have been able to do a lot with just using a module and a few themes. I am really impressed with the thought that went into abstracting interaction between the layout, the database, the modules and such. The more I explore the API and examine the core code, the more impressed I am. Thanks for all of your work. It makes adding to Gallery2 fun."
    J. Mike Rollins (09/15/2006)

"Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you have done to make Gallery possible. I know nothing about php, mysql or even html but after several weeks of reading data and "guessing" I finally got my site up and working. so this is a HUGE THANK YOU! for all of those who have made such an amazing application possible."
    scherermaddness (09/13/2006)

"Two words best describe gallery2 - amazing and perfect. So easy to setup and configure - easy to use and admin as well even a self-created destruction of the online data could be recovered easily after I figured out howto. The most amazing feature however is the large number of features to activate and the extreme SE friendliness, from mod_rewrite friendly URLs, to validated auto-created RSS feeds, valid Google sitemap, the look and feel and much more ... it is so SE friendly that even during installation Googlebot started to come and get the URLs as soon as I have activated my adsense - Googlebot in addition to Google's Mediabot !! Days later the traffic started to come in more and more. The best choice - because it's actually fun to use, fun admin because of its ease and fun to surf as well "
    Hans Neukomm (08/30/2006)

"Super, Super, Super. Need I say more. After a day of installing, setting up, determining format etc., I was on my way. After less than a week of moving pictures there is now a product that I am satisfied with, and one that can continue to provide new benefits."
    John Halonen (08/07/2006)

"Keep up the great work on Gallery. It's awesome!"
    Jamin Wilson (08/04/2006)

"I am EXTREMELY picky about software; I don't use just anything, and I never settle on one thing without trying alternatives. I've been using Coppermine for the past few years -- somehow I never knew Gallery existed.

Well, after discovering Gallery2, I have to say I am THOROUGHLY impressed. It's one thing to have a fully functional and feature-packed application. It's another to have all of that AND an exceptional user interface. I'll forever remain skeptical that any other picture gallery will ever compare to Gallery.

I have no problem spending the hours to convert my Coppermine instance to Gallery, and I'll do so with enthusiasm! Great work! Now, where's that 'donate' link..."
    Matthew Clark (07/27/2006)

"I'm using Gallery 2 on my website since just 2 days but it seems that I always did ! It made the photo publishing so easy... Even my mother and my aunt know how to post pictures on it ! It will be great for sharing pictures within a family which is very scattered. Thanks for the job, keep going that way !"
    Bruno Celdran (06/05/2006)

"Gallery 2 was a cinch to set up. We needed a way to easily and quickly upload hundreds of photos in different albums, and Gallery 2's website, upload applet, and Remote were the answer. It's extensible and easy to use, and easy to configure its templates to work with our own website. It couldn't have been any easier."
    Chad A. Baus (5/22/2006)

"I'm using Gallery for some time, after trying other online albums, and I just wanted to thank you for starting this project. It is the best gallery I've found, easy to use, and not blown like the rest of the stuff out there. Thanks again! "
    Gilad Novik (05/21/2006)

"www.technobilder.de now uses Gallery for 3 years and I can say it's the best one can find when dealing with large gallerys. After 6 years I now have 100.000 pictures online - an album for each of the 6 years containing 12 albums (for the 12 month) each with about 10-20 albums in it. So I think I have on of the biggest installations of all :-) The managed server running my postnuke portal is only 2GHz 1GB Ram but (with no postnuke embedding module yet) the standalone version of G2.1.1a runs smooth and without problems. "
    Götz Kohlberg (4/25/2006)

"The last Gallery I installed was V1.4.2. I can see the Gallery team has been hard at work since the last time I frequented this site. I decided Gallery was needed for a new site and came back yesterday to find Gallery 2. I just finished installing and testing it. Great work! The installer worked perfectly and I'm up and running in 30 minutes. This is a far cry from what I was used to and a really amazing piece of work. In fact, this surpasses photo gallery scripts I have paid for on other sites. Super job. Thank you. "
    dcfield (4/22/2006)

"After about a year of using Gallery and after a sucessful migration to Gallery2...all the while using CVS to stay updated...The reason I had to seek help other than the Codex...Was, it turns out, a SourceForge.net glitch... Thanks for the most excellent software. "
    Peter (4/22/2006)

"In addition to making my site as beautiful as the women on it, Gallery has saved me cash money by improving the performance I'd otherwise have to pay my ISP to match. Paradoxically, Gallery is by far the software of greatest value to me, yet it's free (including the IRC and forum help)! How do I donate? Just kidding, gotta make a profit first!"
    Douglas Simmons (4/4/2006)

"5 years ago I wrote my own little app like Gallery. It worked great all this time, but Gallery has a much more rich feature set so I decided to migrate. After 4 hours of mucking around, I was able to not install Gallery on my server, but write about 200 lines of PHP which allowed me to fully import all my existing photos, creation dates, titles and keywords. Every time I thought, "Oh, i wonder how to do x, y or z", there my answer would be either in the codex or in the API docs. You have a massive code base that is fully exposed in the most logical fashion. Thanks so much. I'll be making a donation! "
    Mr. Jones (3/12/2006)

"As a team of professional photographer, we need a robust web solution that can host 25,000 photos, and serve 500+ GB of traffic per month. Gallery gives us security, performance and stability. And it's packed with great features that are easy to use. Without Gallery, our site Mr.X Photography would not have existed. Thank you Gallery!"
    Terje Sorgjerd (04/04/2006)

"As a photographer gallery has had a profound impact on my business and getting my company off the ground, the infrastructure it provides me with is incredible and allows me to do so much with my clients and move forward as a company. As a result of that, I'd like to personally thank you and the team. :)"
    John Edgar, PPO, PPC, BFA (04/04/2006)

"Many thanks to you and your team for such a wonderful, professional gallery engine. Thanks for giving so much to the community. May God bless you and your team. "
    David (3/15/2006)

"Hey there. I've been using gallery for quite some time for my sites for fun and such and today I upgraded to 2.0 and WOW, I am impressed. I must say you and the team have really outdone yourselves. Very good job! Keep up the great work and Thanks! "
    David C. (10/11/2005)