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"Thank you so Much! I am an alumni secretary for a a band honor fraternity (Kappa Kappa Psi) at Appalachian State University. We use eGroups for communication with our alumni but the photo gallery it provides is not nearly as robust as yours. We have no money to spend on software, so open source was our only choice...Now we enjoy the benefits of user authentication and no space quotas for free. Thanks a bunch."
    Matt Mellon (11/21/2001)

"Gallery is AMAZING!

I have a personal web site that my wife and I started when we were living over-seas. We originally used it to keep family members up-to-date on our adventures (sure was a lot cheaper than sending copies of pictures to everyone!). Well, we also ended up having a baby while we were there, and we attempted to keep up with the site since our various family members were now clamoring for baby photos. The problem was, now neither of us had an extra second, let alone the hours required to thumbnail, write html, etc.

Gallery has solved the time issue we had with putting up our family photos. It is simply amazing! Please keep up the good work. We are now finally able to keep our site up-to-date."
    Jonathan Donaldson (11/11/2001)

"Fantastic! THX a lot! Never ever seen a script like this!"
    Michael Knaf (11/9/2001)

"...I really love Gallery, have been looking for something this good a long time..."
    Mikael Hallendal (11/9/2001)

"Thanks for this beatiful script and for your help!!!"
    Yusef Nime (11/5/2001)

    John Richardson (11/3/2001)

"Thank you for this fantastic tool."
    Hop Nguyen (11/3/2001)

"Thanks to all of you for the strong product - it does what I wish it to do with little fuzz."
    Sean Rasmussen (11/1/2001)

"I have used many PHP projects from sourceforge and this one if by far the most professional and well written code I have ever seen."
    Robin Mitchell (11/1/2001)

"Just a Word of Thanks! I use your gallery software on my website ... Its a great bit of code and so far seems rock solid!"
    Shannon Kelley (10/30/2001)

"Hi there and thanks for providing us with such a great gallery! I used to run MiG (My Image Gallery) and was sort of happy with that, but when I tried yours it had features I had not even dreamed about."
    Ståle Gismervik (10/27/2001)

"Excellent software - thanks very much!"
    Guy Cowan (10/17/2001)

"You did a great job with gallery. I noticed the posting on freshmeat and downloaded what I thought was yet another thumbnail generator with HTML display. Instead I found an easy well constructed Photo Gallery application! My hat is off to you!"
    John Chambers-Malewig (10/7/2001)

"I have been using some old hacked scripts of my own for years, but I never had the time to do it right. Then I saw your gallery as a module to postnuke and tried it out. I am very glad I did not have to reinvent the wheel.
Gallery was simple to install, had all the functionality I was thinking of adding to my own scripts, and a lot more. Thanks."
    Øyvind Pedersen (9/26/2001)

"I had tried many of the PHP gallery applications before finding yours. Gallery 1.1 is the greatest! I love the ability to name, move (images and albums) and the automatic resizing. What a super piece of software. Family and friends are having great fun with the albums. Thank you. It was simple to install and does the job exactly as I wanted - and integrates beautifully with PostNuke."
    Gerald Byrne (8/24/2001)

"I just found gallery about 1 hour ago via the php.net projects page, and i was installing it in about 10 minutes including the moving of old picture galleries into the new layout. Simple, great, session based, this tool has all you ever could wish :-)
Keep up that very good work. "
    Frank Altpeter (8/14/2001)

"Congratulations on an amazing piece of software. We had been using various Win9x-based programs to create our image galleries, and then uploading them to our server. Our website, FortMcMurray.com, is a community portal that focuses on promoting our city. Part of our task is to own the largest and most comprehensive picture gallery in our province. This program will definitely help us achieve that goal. I have spent the better part of 4 days transferring all our pictures over to this script. We are currently sitting at 7444 pictures in 35 albums (with 3 of those albums containing up to 15 nested albums). AND, I still have 47 galleries to transfer! Thanks for making our job much much easier!"
    Moez Tharani II (7/19/2001)

"I started using Gallery 1.0 about a month ago and found it to be the best web picture software available, hands down. With the release of 1.1, you have exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for such a great piece of software."
    Travis Brown (7/12/2001)

"congratulations! you created a great solution, exactly what I needed...warm regards from sao paulo, brazil"
    Rene de Paula Jr. (7/10/2001)

"I love your app... I have been constantly searching for a photo gallery... esp. one that i can use to create galleries for others, and give them control! ... I just set it up for my dad (who just this past weekend learned how to copy and paste) and showed him how to scan a picture, and then upload it, he LOVES it, and has about 40 pics up online now, and is sending it to all of [his] family and friends. that is a sign of a great product!"
    Duncan Shannon (6/19/2001)