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"This is the best OpenSource Project I came across sofar - especially the Documentation, FAQ and support Forums are excellent! I installed my first gallery about two years back, trying to get my thousends of photos on my own website in an easier fashion. Coming from just plain html-windows background - knowing didley about permissions or what have you - was not easy. But I got hooked! By Now I have my own webserver running - with mostly gallerys setup for friends and family. ... My Thanks to everybody putting their time into this project!"
    Richard Dvorak (4/29/2004)

"I've found it! The killer app! It's Gallery, and it ROCKS! Tons of features, beautifully written and documented, easy installation and configuration...THIS is how programming should be done! I've tried simple image-map thumbnailers, grunted through coding HTML myself to present photos online, and even grappled with the insanely frustrating Yahoo web photos service, and quite frankly Gallery knocked my socks off after under twenty minutes of installing an configuring. I thought I'd remain a neo-Luddite minimalist forever when it came to running my own webserver on an ancient and slow P-100, but I've finally found a reason to upgrade! I have family and friends in Canada, Taiwan, and the U.S. and I've no qualms whatsoever about inviting them to use Gallery. It's simply wonderful, and wonderfully simple! As far as professionally-done open software goes, Gallery ranks right up there with the likes of OpenOffice, Mozilla, and Apache. Thank you so much! Hey Cole! Daddy's a genius! "
    Paul Morehead (4/27/2004)

"Gallery is extremely easy to install, configure and the user will be up and running in no time. Then again, should one run into a snag, Gallery has an EXCELLENT support system and I am positive an answer andd/or soloution can be found in the forums! Unlike the other programs...Gallery has no problem working with auto thumb's and the external gui for uploading images is fantastic! THANK YOU G-Team"
    Bubba Gump (4/22/2004)

"Thank you so much! Gallery is very useful and nice! Zuhal Tos (Stockholm)"
    Zuhal Tos (4/15/2004)

"I just want to let you guys know that Gallery rocks !! I have tried other similar software for my PHP Nuke site, both commercial an not commercial software. None of them can integrate with PHP Nuke as well as Gallery does. Gallery has the best interface, integration and uploading capabilities. I have been using Gallery for the last 15 months and I love it. I recently upgraded to the latest version. Upgrading was a breeze. Thank you very much for such a fantastic peace of software. Keep the good work "
    John "El Machete" Smith (4/11/04)

"I usually do not write to the creators of SW. But after downloading your product, and installing it I just have to say WOW! This is amazing, all this work has gone in to this feature packed SW and you give it away! Thanks! "
    Magnus Blixt (4/7/2004)

"I am so pleased with Gallery. It is so versatial and easy to install and use. With the Gallery Remote program it makes handling my albums and pictures a real breeze. I can easily share our joy of our new family with our relatives all over the world. http://www2.familyadams.com/gallery Thank you for and EXCELLENT Gallery solution. Rgds Ken "
    Ken Adams (3/11/2004)

" Hello Guys, I'm not a profissional photografer. In fact, i'm faaaaar from that :) But i've my digital camera and lots of photos to share with friends. I've tried some other album softwares, some of them very nice indeed. But Gallery was the most complete one I found. The comments feature is the one I most enjoy. I cannot forget about Gallery Remote too. It couldnt be easy to manage and upload photos. I've have no problems installing it, but it takes me some days to fine tune the whole pages of options :) Gallery rocks, everybody who needs online albums should try it. "
    Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães (2/22/2004)

"With a little help I was able to set up Gallery v1.4.2 on my domain - I now have my own photo gallery!!! Really like the slide show options too! Thanks "
    Kara (2/19/2004)

"I've been following my friends band 'Bowling For Soup' since they were a garage act. Now about to release their third CD on a major label (Jive/Silvertone), their seventh CD overall, the band is hotter than ever. I've been collecting live and personal photos of them from all over the world for years. When I started this website for them two years ago, I thought it would be just a small site. I chose Gallery at that time because it was simple to use and install in PHP-Nuke. Half a million page views, and a couple thousand photos later, I find I'm still using Gallery, because it's also stable, and powerful. I read on the PHP-Nuke sites about troubles others are having with other gallery-type modules, and my only response can be, "Use Gallery!""
    Stephen Palmer (2/15/2004)

"I just recently re-discovered Korean pictures I took in 1952-53. They had been buried deep in storage and were never seen by my children and grandchildren. Showing them with a slide projector wouldn't have worked because of logistics and the need for commentary. My son recommended GALLERY. It turned out to be a perfect solution. I digitized the slides at One Hour Photo, scanned the B&W's myself and found a lot of collateral material on the internet. There are a total of 80 pictures at this time. "
    Bob, Cpl (ret, '53) (2/10/2004)

"Gallery is one of the most useful and well written (upgrades are a breeze!) applications I've encountered in a long time. I can't thank you enough for saving me the trouble of making it myself -- but I hope this will help show a little bit of my gratitude. :) I also love the fact that you have made it freeware, and support Open Source. You guys rock!"
    Michael (2/7/2004)

"Easy to setup, many many features, this is the best and the more complete soft written in php to publish photos on the web ... Non-commercial, authors and project deserve a donation :-) Julien, http://www.mrneken.com, France "
    Juju (2/4/2004)

"Here is my testimonial: As a photographer, I had a large collection of images from Birmingham, UK, and decided to collate these in to a photo library. After struggling to get Extensis Portfolio and Portweb implemented (the cheapest version was using a consultant at between £1500-£2000 - which was way out of my price range), I was recommended Gallery by my web hosting supplier. I will be honest and say it took me a few hours to get it installed - although my web hosting supplier did have a help FAQ. To fine tune the installation I even used the 'paid for support'. This was well worth it and the site was completed within two days (including uploading over 1000 images and then captioning them). Now it is extremely easy to update the library (with Portfolio and Portweb solution I was previously offered I would have had to upload the whole site each time - 50MB!). I can't thank you enough for this product and providing I make some sales from the library I will donate a portion of the profit to yourselves. Thank you for an extremely well made and flexible product. Images of Birmingham Photo Library"
    Craig Holmes (2/3/2004)

"A simple message for such a simple to use but feature rich application - outstanding and thank-you!"
    John Baird (1/26/2004)

"gallery has changed my life forever. prior to installing it, my cat ran away, the milk in my fridge spoiled, and my grandmother passed away; but, thanks to the hard-working individuals who made this software possible, my cat has returned, i was able to purchase new milk, and my grandmother . . . well, even gallery has its limitations, although i am still retaining some hope in the cadaver-reanimation capabilities of version 2.0. needless to say, gallery has proven itself to be the best solution for fulfilling all my website needs and the needs of my life in general. thank you gallery team, and may you each live to be a thousand years old. "
    Grant Snodgrass (1/14/2004)

"Guys, What a wonderful wonderful product! I'm just at a loss of words, really. There is just so much to say about this product. I guess the main thing is its ease of use. Once installed, I was able, and this is now joke, to upload over 1500 pictures to my server in just a few hours! The skins are great and I love the transition effects in slideshow mode!!! This has saved me a lot of time in putting my pictures. Previously this year, I had taken a couple hundred pictures an painstakingly generated my own thumbnails, mouse overs and page layouts by hand. It took me months! Now when I have new pictures its only matter of minutes before they're published. And I love the flexibility to manipulate them before you upload them through gallery remote(rotate, etc.) or I can even do it after they're uploaded. Everyone else, if you are looking for an easy and flexible solution on publishing you own pictures online, this is by far the best! Don't look any further! I am really looking forward to 2.0! Keep up the good work!!!! "
    Ron Van Scherpe (12/1/2003)

"Our child is now 2 weeks old. My wife and I already have over 400 pictures up in our Gallery installation! Thanks to this software, we have been able to easily share our precious memories with family and friends from Singapore to Japan, to Northern Ontario. I do have one beef with Gallery though ... it has made taking photos altogether too much fun and I fear that we will run short on disk space very quickly! "
    Derek Marshall (11/17/2003)

"Thank you so much for gallery! I am a Mac consultant that deals with creative companies. My biggest client is a digital photo studio that does product photography. They wanted a web-based solution for allowing customers to review and download the photos taken for them, and I was trying to implement something for them using PortWeb.

Needless to say, PortWeb turned out to be a disaster..... the amount of hand-coding needed to make the catalog searches and photo downloads work was ridiculous, and to make matters worse, Extensis has perpetually pushed their release of a Mac OS X native PortWeb to infinity. The Mac OS 9 version froze the entire web server on a regular basis, and moving to MS was out of the question. We were coming close to the start of the shooting schedule for a customer who wanted web access to their shots, and I was having visions of an unhappy customer, resulting in a very unhappy client.

I scoured the web in search of something that would work in a similar way that would really WORK, and would work on OS X, and I found a link to Gallery at AFP548.com. The review sounded too good to be true, so I looked over your site, downloaded the package, and installed it on my own OS X Server to test it out. In less than two hours I had a fully functional gallery site with a set of sample photos posted, and everything worked almost flawlessly. I tweaked the html wrapper to stick the client's logo on the page and change it to their color scheme, and took it for an on-site demo.

After a "bad news, good news" discussion about PortWeb, I pulled out my laptop and demonstrated Gallery. I demonstrated the search, downloading the images, using the Gallery Remote app to post new photos, and in ten minutes time, my client's face turned from panic (over PortWeb) to excitement (over Gallery).

Long story short: Set up Gallery on clients web server. Client is happy, the principals of the company are excited, the customer is impressed, and my esteem with this client is secure once more.

You're darn right this solution deserves a donation! As soon as I get paid for said project, you're getting a cut of the take! "
    Todd Johnson (11/13/2003)

"I installed "Gallery" in just 30 minutes on my Wedding website. It gives me a very easy way to manage & post my engagement, wedding, & honeymoon pictures for both of our families to access."
    Kevin Askew (10/29/2003)