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This controller will handle the deletion of an user

User Story: "Joe clicks on 'Users' in the Site Admin view. He wants to delete a user and clicks on 'delete' next to user x. The next view shows a form. If user x was the owner of at least 1 item, Joe is presented with a choice between two radio buttons, between 'Delete user x and...' a) 'assign a new owner for all his items' and b) 'delete all his items and assign a new owner for all non empty albums' Next there's a textfield 'New owner' in the form. Leaving blank this form means to assign the items to the default new owner, 'admin'. If user x didn't own any items, Joe can just decide between 'cancel' and 'delete'. When clicking 'cancel', Joe is redirected to the AdminUsers view. When hitting 'delete' and in case a) the controller checks for the new owner field and assigns the new owner to all items of user x. Then it deletes user x and redirects to the AdminUser view. b) the controller deletes all GalleryItems which are not AlbumItems, then it checks all albums of user x. It deletes all empty albums and assigns a new owner to all non empty albums.

Version:  $Revision: 17580 $
Author:  Bharat Mediratta <>
Class Description
AdminDeleteUserController This controller will handle the deletion of an user
AdminDeleteUserView This view will prompt for confirmation to delete a user

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