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Internationalization and Localization utilities.

Definitions: $locale - consists of ISO 3166 country codes and ISO 639 language codes i.e. en_US, en_GB, es_MX $language - the first portion of the locale $langCode - representation of the locale with the country portion removed if it is the default. (i.e. en_US => en; en_GB => en_GB) in some cases the $langCode == $locale. The exception is the handling of chinese. For political reasons there is no default country and it's always represented by the full $locale (zh_CN or zh_TW)

Version:  $Revision: 17580 $
Author:  Bharat Mediratta <>
Todo:  go through and standardize the usage or remove the langCode usage and just use locale
Class Description
GalleryTranslator Internationalization and Localization utilities.

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