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Class: GalleryDerivativeHelper_simple

Source Location: /modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryDerivativeHelper_simple.class

Class GalleryDerivativeHelper_simple

Class Overview
Method Summary
void   fetchThumbnailsByItemIds()  
void   rebuildCacheIfNotCurrent()  
array   _loadDerivatives()   Load the derivative images for the ids/types specified

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fetchThumbnailsByItemIds  [line 69]

  void fetchThumbnailsByItemIds( $ids  )


API Tags:
See:  GalleryCoreApi::fetchThumbnailsByItemIds

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rebuildCacheIfNotCurrent  [line 40]

  void rebuildCacheIfNotCurrent( $derivativeId, [ $fixBroken = false]  )


API Tags:
See:  GalleryCoreApi::rebuildDerivativeCacheIfNotCurrent

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_loadDerivatives  [line 102]

  array _loadDerivatives( array $itemIds, array $sourceIds, [array $types = array()]  )

Load the derivative images for the ids/types specified

array   $itemIds:  GalleryItem ids
array   $sourceIds:  GalleryDataItem or GalleryDerivative source ids
array   $types:  derivative types (eg. 'DERIVATIVE_TYPE_IMAGE_THUMBNAIL')

API Tags:
Return:  GalleryStatus a status code array(GalleryItem id => GalleryDerivativeImage, ...)
Access:  private

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