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Procedural File: GalleryPhotoItem.class

Source Location: /modules/core/classes/GalleryPhotoItem.class

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A subclass of DataItem for containing Photos.

A GalleryItem whose source is an image (eg. JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc).

G2:  <class-name>GalleryPhotoItem</class-name>
Author:  Bharat Mediratta <>
Version:  $Revision: 17580 $
G2:  <parent-class-name>GalleryDataItem</parent-class-name>
G2:  <schema>
G2:  </schema>
G2:  <schema-minor>0</schema-minor>
G2:  <schema-major>1</schema-major>
G2:  <requires-id/>
Class Description
GalleryPhotoItem A subclass of DataItem for containing Photos.

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