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We have a winner!

At long last, we've chosen a winner for the Gallery Logo Contest! Drumroll please... The winners are as follows:

1st place: Mike Harding (prize: $200)
2nd place: Max Germer (prize: $100)
3rd place: Frederik Vandaele (prize: $50)

Making this decision was more difficult than any of us anticipated. We were completely floored by the number of incredibly high caliber designs. This is just further evidence of the amazingly rich community that has grown around Gallery. Stunning!

Mike Harding's design is bright, clean and eye-cathing. The logotype is tight and concise, and the semi-pixelated photo icons is brilliant. In the end we deemed it the most flexible and most representitive of what Gallery is all about.

Frederik Vandaele's design grabbed us as simple and catchy. The understated tilted box, the popped-out slides and clean text made the design exciting.

Max Germer's design was the dark horse entry. The tri-color bar is simple, yet interesting. It has a very modern XHTML/CSS feel. But what really made this logo a favorite was the "little Gallery dude". He brought character to the Gallery logo.

View the winners and all the other entries in the sneak-preview Gallery2 pre-alpha demo. Again, thanks to everyone who entered the logo contest, and everyone who submitted comments in the logo gallery (some of them were very insightful :). In the next few weeks we will be working with Mike in integrating his design into the world of Gallery. Stay tuned!!

Gallery Remote 1.2 Released!

In the wake of Gallery 1.4.1, here is a new version of Gallery Remote. It adds a bunch of new and often-requested features, some of which are only available when using it to connect to an updated Gallery:

- drag-and-drop and sorting of pictures has been dramatically improved and debugged. Moving pictures between albums (before uploading) is now easy.
- uploading pictures is now a more predictable affair, thanks to the new upload progress bar, and GR can now shut down the machine once upload is done (on Windows only).
- GR can now detect picture orientation if EXIF information is available, and rotates the pictures appropriately.
- more details in the ChangeLog...

Gallery 1.4.1 Released!

We are excited to announce the release of Version 1.4.1 of Gallery. 1.4.1 contains lots of new features that will give Gallery owners dramatic new control over their Galleries. The most noticable one is skins, which allow you to choose between nineteen different looks for your gallery - or develop (and share) your own! Other eagerly anticipated new features include voting, email updates and user self-registration. And there are now thirty-three language packs, available as separate downloads.

Language Packs 1.4.1

The Language Packs for Gallery 1.4.1 final are available at Gallerys Download Page on Sourceforge.
The are synced against latest changes and a lot languages were updated.

Gallery Logo Semi-Finalists Chosen

After a long wait (yes, I know it's been over two weeks since the logo contest ended) we have published the logo semi-finalists on our sneak preview Gallery 2 demo server.

The core team members have selected 20 logos out of the 84 submissions as our semi-finalists. We are now going to go through those 20 logos and choose our new Gallery logo and the 2nd and 3rd place entries. I know there has been some speculation about our decision making process and I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to choose between all these great submissions. I know that people are eager to hear our decision but I ask you to please be patient with us. We aim to choose the new logo within the next two weeks.

Gallery v1.4.1 Release Candidate 4 Available!

The fourth *release candidate* for Gallery v1.4.1 is now available. This has several critical updates to RC3. New features for version 1.4.1 include:
    • Voting/ranking of images
    • Optional user self-registration
    • Lost password reset feature
    • Optional e-mail notification of changes/updates
    • Option to restrict commenting permissions
    EZ Prints photo print service added
    • Support for "skins" to customize Gallery's look and feel
    • New image frame styles
    • Clearer, easier to follow Config. Wizard
    • Optional auto-resize of images on upload
    • Gallery-wide slideshow, and choice of random order
    • Copy image feature
    • Gallery internationalized in many more languages!
    • Tons of small improvements and bugfixes
Download Gallery v1.4.1-RC4 from the Gallery Download Page now!

Note: This is a *pre-release* version, and you should be sure to BACK UP YOUR GALLERY *before* installing and upgrading your current Gallery. Read on for information on how to back up critical data...