This is the official website of Gallery, the open source web based photo album organizer. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site.


Gallery 3.0.1 security and bugfix release is available!

Gallery 3.0.1 is available! This is a bug and stability fix release, but it also includes an important security fix. We strongly advise that you upgrade to Gallery 3.0.1 as soon as possible. Upgrading is quick and easy — don't put it off! More details to learn what's improved in Gallery 3.0.1 or just download it now!

Thanks Forum Contributors!

The Gallery forums have been pretty busy as new and experienced Gallery users tinker with Gallery 3. Over the last 60 days there have been thousands of posts from lots of users, with developers helping users, and users helping other users. It's great to see! Gallery team members bharat, floridave, and nivekiam lead the charts, and the following awesome users all have averaged over 1 post a day for the last 60 days: Serge D, dwdallam, tempg, Armani2, danneh3826, kandsten, undagiga, and sooskriszta.

Thanks everyone! Your contributions are noticed and appreciated.

Gallery on Android

anthony43 just announced the release of ReGalAndroid, an Android client for Gallery 2 and Gallery 3. Search for "regalandroid" in the Android market, check it out, and file bugs here if you find any. There is also a discussion thread in our forums.

ReGalAndroid currently supports browsing and sharing of items in both Gallery 2 and Gallery 3, and can add new photos only to Gallery 2. Hopefully full Gallery 3 write support is just around the corner!

Gallery 3 Theme Spotlight: GreyDragon

Serge D has been hard at work for some time on the GreyDragon theme for Gallery3. It's one of the core team's favorites, and if you're looking for something other than the stock Gallery 3 theme, it's definitely worth looking into! Here's what Serge has to say:

Started as a way to move my G2 photo gallery into G3 world, the GreyDragon theme is now 1.5 years old. The main goal has been to a build simple yet robust and configurable theme with minimum JavaScript functionality for my web-site, all while having fun testing new things. In part inspired by Mustafa Incel's Carbon theme for G2, GreyDragon now has over 30 configuration options and numerous color packs, making it the most flexible G3 Theme available.

Colorpack examples

So check it out!

Store your Gallery 3 Images on Amazon S3

Does your webhost not have much file space available? Or perhaps are you hosting your Gallery 3 at home behind a slow DSL connection?

We recently pulled a module from danneh3826 into the Gallery 3 Contrib repository that may be just what you're looking for. The Amazon S3 module takes over for file storage in Gallery 3 and saves all your images in the cloud on Amazon S3 which tends to be cheap, fast, and reliable.

Here's how to Get started using Gallery 3 contrib modules. Enjoy the Amazon S3 module and all the other great contributions from the community!

Gallery 3 SEO

Miles Carter over at has been busy blogging about some SEO tips and tricks for Gallery 3. Interested in Miles' take on improving the search engine ranking of your Gallery 3 installation? Check out his 2 articles:

And stay tuned for the 3rd in the series! Have any tips of your own? We'd love to hear them.