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The Gallery forums have been pretty busy as new and experienced Gallery users tinker with Gallery 3. Over the last 60 days there have been thousands of posts from lots of users, with developers helping users, and users helping other users. It's great to see! Gallery team members bharat, floridave, and nivekiam lead the charts, and the following awesome users all have averaged over 1 post a day for the last 60 days: Serge D, dwdallam, tempg, Armani2, danneh3826, kandsten, undagiga, and sooskriszta.

Thanks everyone! Your contributions are noticed and appreciated.

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I just noticed that there has been more that 100,000 forum posts.
It is hard to manage so I am glad there is other community members helping out as well!

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Big thank you for Gallery team member for providing very good support to Gallery users!
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I created the User Info module for G2 and I am currently working on one for G3. The team members of Gallery have been a big help in getting the G2 version created along with the new one for G3. Thanks for helping me develop this module for G3. Bharat has been a big help!!

I still can't believe how many modules there are for G3.
I don't know when the new User Info module for G3 will be ready but I hope soon.

I created the Gallery for a client and want to change the name of the owner from my name to my clients. How do I do that?

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I would like to say, Floridave has put in tremendous amounts of time and effort helping! He has responded to my inquiries for help numerous times.

Thanks for making a difference and making Gallery great!

I just want to say a huge Thank You to all Gallery team members, You Rock ! Great Product + Great Community = Excellent.

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