Xotof, Gallery 3 on Android!

Adam Minchinton and Magne Zachrisen just released a Beta version of their upcoming Gallery 3 Client for Android: Xotof.

Like Gallery 3, they focused on usability and simplicity and the app looks pretty fun and easy to use with most of the UI focusing on your photos. Check out their website for more details or post bugs on their forum.

Here's a quick summary of the major features:

  • Supports multiple gallery installations
  • Smart caching, and loading of images
  • Zoom/Pan images
  • Inbuilt slide show
  • Uploading of single or multiple images
  • Robust connection handling
  • Honeycomb support

After my first test the app looks like a nice tool.
Wallpaper | Gallery Blog | Barcelona

I will test it at my droid phone

We have released the final of Xotof 1.0, go grab it now! http://www.xotof.com/?p=60

We have now released Xotof 2.0 Honeycomb Edition! Get it now! http://www.xotof.com/?p=65

Finally the Xotof Gallery for Android, i have been waiting for this baby! Thanks.
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Any sign of Gallery3 for iOS5 (iPhone)?