2008 Google Summer of Code Projects

The Gallery team is proud to announce the students that have been selected to participate in the 2008 Google Summer of Code. We are very pleased by the quality of the applications for the selected projects, and are really looking forward to working with these students over the summer. Thank you to all the students who sent proposals, and all the mentors who volunteered to participate!

Student Project Mentor
John Britton Implementing a Web based Translation Interface for Gallery2 Tim Almdal
Paul Hinze Facebook/Flickr Style Image Region Based Tagging Beckett Madden-Woods

In addition to the assigned mentors listed above, Chris Kelly, Christian Mohn, Felix Rabinovich, Andy Staudacher, and myself will be available to assist students in any general or specific way that we can.

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Thanks for selecting my project, I'm looking forward to an excellent summer. If you want more info, read the full proposal: Implementing a Web Based Translation Interface for Gallery2.

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hot shit, i'm looking forward to the region-based tagging. that's something i've wanted for awhile now :) props to paul (and beckett) for tackling this one.

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Well, congratulations!

Congrates Friends :)