The Season of Usability 2009 Gallery survey results are in!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your input has been valuable.

We had hundreds of responses from users in 49 countries. Did you know...

  • Most users use Gallery for personal purposes (85%), 10% use Gallery for professional reasons, and 5% are developers or supporters.
  • Gallery accounts come in all sizes. Users share anywhere from 3 to 350,000 photos and manage anywhere from 1 to 25,000 user accounts.
  • The vast majority of Gallery users (86%) have an IT education or work in a field that requires IT skills.
  • The five most important qualities in photo management software for our users are: easy to upload photos; good user interface; easy administration; speed of tasks; and easy to set photo permissions.

Check out the Full Season Of Usability 2009 Survey Results.

Why is the presentation of the usability test results so big a download? I have just had a look at the first 3 slides...all text and minimal graphics and i am already clocking 12 Mb as downloaded...and still loading??

Not a very good idea in my opinion. I have already given up on the wait for the download.

Is there any other resource for the presentation which is not so bandwidth intensive? I would appreciate a link to the same please.

Thanks and best regards.

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What file are you downloading? The presentation is an online document via Google Docs that seems to load pretty quickly here.

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Well I tried zipping up the PDF and PPT files that you can download, they didn't get any smaller...

The PDF is 26MB and the PPT is 32MB. I can only think that the graphics may not be optimized for the web.

Yep, checking the first slide it alone is 1MB. Ah, yeah, every slide is at least 1MB. I think it might be the background.

This would explain the wonderful experience we had loading it over the wireless at the hotel :) But on my 16mbs connection downloads fast :)

Just made a copy to try to edit myself and the entire slide is a higher res graphic. I'm not sure what jhaines used to create the slideshow originally. Maybe if we sweet talk her we can get a copy that doesn't have the background image, or it optimized for low-bandwidth connections? If not, if she is able to export the original straight to PowerPoint I can edit it and create a low-bandwidth option.
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I'm happy with Gallery 3 as my photo client. However, it kinda has bad brand recognition. I think this is because of the generic name "Gallery." Granted, I'm not marketing person, or have the much experience outside of photography, but, I would argue that the lack of identifiable branding may be hurting awareness.

I also realize this is coming pretty far after the survey. My apologies in advance.

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The webmaster over at posted the following soundbite:

Oh, and I simply have to give kudos to folks who developed Gallery for, well, calling it "Gallery." Sometimes you can tell when there were no "marketing guys" in the room. I look forward to the day when Ford comes out with "Car", Procter & Gamble announces "Soap", and Nabisco finally releases "Food."


Just type the word gallery in your browser or gallery in google and you will see that we have very good brand recognition.

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