Paying for help with Gallery

Do you want to use Gallery but don't have the time to figure out how to get started? Do you have customizations you'd like done that you just can't figure out? We offer plenty of free help but sometimes this just isn't enough. If you're willing to spend a few dollars, there are several options out there for you:

  • Gallery Paid Support - Gallery developers that have extensive experience installing, working with, and troubleshooting Gallery, will install Gallery for you or try and fix something that's broken. Note that we don't offer any other services besides these two because our developers have a lot to do!
  • Services for Gallery in the SourceForge Marketplace - Gallery is a featured project in the SourceForge Marketplace, where anyone with a SourceForge account can post services that they offer. Current offerings range from installation and upgrades, to integration with third party products and customizations. Keep in mind that most of the listings here are not from people officially associated with Gallery, but they do have more time on their hands than we do so they can help out with more time consuming things.

So if you're looking for more help than our free options, check these out!

Hello, I am in the process of developing a community website... I want to remove our current photo section and install the best version of gallery. I'll need it to 'flow' with our current site design and be properly blended with our current memembership platform.

Is this something your team can do?

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"Our team" only offers installation and basic troubleshooting. You'll need to check out the SourceForge Marketplace for the kind of help you want, but they are not officially associated with us.

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thanks for links

I need for nofollow option for added comments. Is this possible for money?