Gallery v1.4 and Gallery Remote v1.1 Release Candidate 1 Available!

This is the first *release candidate* for Gallery v.1.4, as well as Gallery Remote v.1.1. This new version premieres some major new features: Gallery is now multilingual, and can be displayed in 18 different languages, with more on the way! In addition, we've overhauled the documentation and made it more accessible and more informative. Other changes include ownership at the image level, not just the album level, and a whole slew of minor improvements and bugfixes.

In addition, Gallery Remote v.1.1-RC1 is also now available. This new version now sports a preferences dialogue. Also: Proxy and HTTPS support, ability to rotate pictures before uploading them, a more efficient protocol for getting the list of albums, and support for the "Extra Fields" functionality introduced in Gallery 1.3.4.

Download Gallery v1.4-RC1 and Gallery Remote 1.1-RC1 from the Gallery Download Page now!

Note: These are *pre-release* versions, and you should be sure to BACK UP YOUR GALLERY *before* installing and upgrading your current Gallery. Read on for information on how to back up critical data...

We have provided a small PHP script with this version to assist you in making a backup. When you download and decompress this release, the script will be located in:

To run this script, copy it out of its location in the setup directory and into your existing main Gallery directory. Log in to Gallery as an administrator, then run this script from your browser. It will package the important album data and save a backup to your computer, in one of two formats: .tar.gz (useful on Unix/Linux systems) or .zip (useful on Windows systems).

The script gives you the option of backing up your entire albums ("All files") directory or just the Gallery database files ("Data files only"). While you should have a backup copy of all your photos, for most upgrades, it is sufficient to just back up the data files only. Note that backing up all the files could produce a *huge* file, since all of your photos will be included.

Finally, verify the contents of the downladed backup file to make sure the files were indeed saved. Once you have the data files backed up, you can confidently upgrade to this version.

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Is 1.4.1-cvs-b14 the same as this RC? If so, then it is being run successfully integrated w/ PHPNuke at and .

You really should make RC1, seeing as how it is being offered to a wider public than simply as a cvs release, include the "do not show file path" change in view_photo.php, as it is a bit of a security leak...

How is the back up script run with PostNuke?<br />
<br />
Thanks!<br />
<br />

The new auto resize feature of Gallery Remote is GREAT for folks still on dialup and posting their 300 vacation pictures! And the rotate makes it so much easier than opening up a graphics editor. This is cool....