New Documentation released!

Thanks to a lot of hard work by the gallery core team, we've released a new version of the Gallery help documentation, including a brand new FAQ! As part of this change, I've reordered the left sidebar to (hopefully) make it easier to find the features that we use the most. This documentation is still incomplete, but it is a significant improvement over our old documentation!The new documentation replaces the wiki-based User Guide as the repository for new help documentation about Gallery. It was designed to be much easier for us to collaborate on so you'll see that we'll be doing a much better job of keeping it up to date and making it consistent and uniform, which was big problem with the older wiki-based documentation. While its not as interactive as the wiki used to be, it has an embedded notes system so that you can leave your own notes about the documentation. As we read and review this contributed information we will try to incorporate your feedback into the documentation.

We don't have a clear plan yet for what will happen to the wiki. We'll probably remove all of the stuff that's duplicated between the wiki and the core documentation, but then leave it around as a place where we can put hacks and modifications.

Finally, I went back through the entire forum database and replaced all references and links to the old FAQ with links to the new one, so all of our historical posts should still be accurate. Be warned that the FAQ numbering has changed so you might want to familiarize yourself with the new FAQ before answering posts in the forums!

Thoughts, comments?

You need to fix the mailing list page, it throws off a lot of errors since the changeover.

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Doh! Thanks for the catch .. I've fixed it.

One thing that is really missing in the new doc, is an administration guide: unless I'm mistaken, the documentation only describes how to install and troubleshoot gallery, with very little or no emphasis on how to actually use it, on an admin point of view!<br />
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What about a detailed guide on how to customise the look of gallery using the ".default" templates? What about embedding gallery in CMS systems ? What about extra modules, such as the random photo block? Are you planning to copy all this from the old Wiki docs? As far as I can tell , all this is absent from the new version.<br />
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Otherwise, it's nice to see that there's a real effort to improve the docs of gallery, as this is a vital area when it comes to overall software quality, and all too often overlooked by developpers! Congratulations on this.