Gallery v1.3.2 bugfix and feature release

We're happy to announce the general availability of Gallery v1.3.2. This release includes new features, performance increases and many small bugfixes. While this release is aimed at all Gallery users, its performance increases will be of especial value to users with large numbers (ie, thousands) of photos. Among the improvements is the release of Gallery 1.0, the companion program to Gallery. The main new Gallery Remote feature is the development of a new, more robust protocol between Gallery Remote and Gallery 1.3.2.Summary of changes in this release:

General Features:
- Support for the ImageMagick toolkit
- Separate permission control for full images
- Windows XP Publishing support
- Significant performance increases (in both speed and memory consumption)
- Captions can be added when uploading photos

Gallery Remote:
- Multi-album upload: place new pictures in several albums and upload all of them in one go
- Add captions to photos when uploading them
- Resize images before uploading: this saves bandwidth and server-side CPU by resizing the images to a predefined size or the size default size for the album (only on Windows)
- Fixed problems with Java 1.3.x (Java 1.4 still preferred)

- Support for PHP short tags
- Better support for open_basedir restrictions
- Better directory umask support
- Many, many other minor fixes

For more detailed information, you can read the Gallery changelog:

The Gallery Dev Team
damon18's picture

Slight bug using the netpbm binaries mode.<p>

In the config.php file there is a line <br>
<code>$gallery->app->pnmtojpeg = "pnmtojpeg";</code><p>

I had to change mine to:<br>
<code>$gallery->app->pnmtojpeg = "ppmtojpeg";</code><p>

otherwise I couldn't perform any operation involving jpeg images.


jumo's picture

Check <a href=""></a> and you can see that ppmtojpeg was replaced in Netpbm 9.19 (September 2001) by pnmtojpeg, so I assume that the Gallery v1.3.2 is using a Netpbm in version >= 9.19.
Btw. pnmtojpeg is backward compatible with ppmtojpeg.

Is there a site where the newer netpbm binaries for Win32 and FreeBSD can be downloaded?

Not_Public's picture

it would be handy is the gallery SF site could make the appropriate precompiled binaries available.<br />