G2 status, and how you can help.

G2 is moving right along. We've listened to your requests and are building a system that will do practically everything that you want. It'll be fast, powerful, flexible, scalable. Sound good to be true? The catch is that we can't do it without your help. Read more to find out how you can help make G2 a success.We've been hard at work on G2 for almost a year now. Granted, our day job gets busy at times, and we've got families, so it's been an on-again-off-again kind of thing. But lately we've been on and cranking away. The good news is that we're making huge progress. Read the Gallery 2.x Development Forum for the latest status and learn how you can download the code and play with it yourself.

The biggest thing that's holding back G2 development is the support overhead for G1. We
still do our best to support G1 as much as possible. The problem is that Bharat gets an hour a day to work on G2 and he winds up spending a lot of that time answering questions in the forums and replying to direct emails from folks who have problems. As Gallery gets more and more popular, he spends increasingly more time having to help folks with the old system and less time working on G2 (which is going to solve most of their problems also).

Here's where you come in. We need you to get involved in the forums. We've got over 3000 posts in there now and most of the questions that are getting posted now have already been answered in one form or another. If you have figured out what you're doing, try to help out the new folks by searching the forums and the FAQ and pointing them to the answer. Every question you answer equates to a few more minutes that the dev team can work on G2. And trust me, you want G2. It's da bomb.

Thanks for your continued support.