Gallery Remote 1.0 preview available

Yahoo!!! Gallery Remote 1.0 is finally available (in preview version). This is the first step toward a powerful and full-featured version of Gallery Remote.In this new version:

  • completely rewritten user interface, cleaner and more robust

  • thanks to ImageMagick, load times for thumbnails and previews are sped up 5 times over GR 0.4

  • multiple Gallery profiles, including optionally saved password

  • version check at launch, you will be notified of future releases

  • better drag-and-drop support, including reordering of pictures

download now!

i downloaded it and cant get it to login to my gallery. i am on a windows 2000 client.

plz e-mail me

ok - did you figure out how to use it?

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Just downloaded this to try out and it gives an error message trying to log into the gallery. I installed the current exe for windows on my win2k server that is on an internal NAT (able to get to all other network connections just personal firewall blocking information).<br />
<br /> (on a FreeBSD server that has NetPM and ImageMagick installed on it.<br />
<br />
Tried with both the administrator ID/password and with my regular ID/password. It just gives an "invalid logon information" at the bottom of the screen.<br />
<br />
Looking for some help, would greatly appreciate a direct email since I am not sure when I can get back to the site...least for the next few days. <br />
<br />

I have exactly the same problem. On the status bar (bottom of window) it says "Invalid login information".<br />
<br />
Can someone bring more light to this?<br />
<br />
Which format should the URL have?<br />
http://mysite/modules/gallery<br />
http://mysite/modules/gallery/<br />
http://mysite/modules/gallery/index.php<br />
http://mysite/modules.php?op=modload&amp;name=gallery&amp;file=index<br />
<br />
My user name is admin. My postnuke user name is root. My password is alphanumeric only and has 12 characters.<br />
I use the latest version of both Gallery and Gallery Remote. Everything else seems to work well.<br />

Ok. I got it. Downloaded Gallery Remote 1.0.8 (found the link in the Gallery Remote forum), unpacked it into my Gallery Remote directory, unpacked the jar-File and then executed run.bat - now it works for me to log in.<br />

Hi folks,<br />
<br />
Does not work with windows XP<br />
<br />
Thanks.,<br />

OK, my stupid!<br />
<br />
Went to config.php and checked line by line.<br />
<br />
I had used both Albums and albums.<br />
<br />
Moved everything to lower case and all is now well.<br />
<br />
Thanks,<br />