Announcing v1.3 Official Release

We are pleased to announce that the Gallery 1.3 Official Release is now available. __________
So, what's new in 1.3?

This release stands out from any other release because so many of
the new features and bug fixes were developed/fixed by our users
(viva opensource! :).

* Show Album Tree - If you turn this on in the config wizard
it will show you the entire set of nested albums in a nice
table format on the albums page.
- submitted by Jesse Mullan

* View All Comments - There's now a link for each album
that lets the album owner view all the comments in that
album on a single page
- submitted by Joseph Scheve

* The Slideshow - You can now view an entire album as a
smooth transitioning slide show.
- submitted by Jacob Redding

* The Captionator - This lets you edit many captions
at once .. very convenient!

* Thumbnail wrapper customization - You can now easily
manage the look of the thumbnail images on the album pages and
the main Gallery page. Nested album thumbnails are now
clearly differentiated from photo thumbnails.

* Lots and lots of bug fixes and UI cleanup.

So, where can you get it?

You can download a copy from SourceForge.

Thank you for your support,
The Gallery Development Team