This is the official website of Gallery, the open source web based photo album organizer. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site.


Gallery on Windows Server 2008

Interested in trying out Gallery on the most recent version of Microsoft's Server operating system? SpikeSource has just released a free WISP (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, PHP) stack with Gallery 2. The stack works on the latest Windows Server 2008, IIS 7 (with PHP FastCGI), and SQL Server 2005. The stack comes with updates and add-on installations through a free trial of their SpikeNet update service. 4 other applications are already available as add-ons.

The only prerequisites for the stack are Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise and SQL Server 2005 with mixed-mode authentication. The installer should take care of the rest! Register to download your copy here.

Gallery Spotlight: Informe is a "free web 2.0 online community for everyone" that has recently added Gallery to their offerings:

The project was initially limited to forums hosting, but due to user demand, blog hosting and wiki functionality were added. Users then began requesting a special photo gallery mode to enhance the forums so we looked around for options and came across Gallery. After just enabling it as a forum addon, it became very popular and we decided to transform it into separate component from the forum, blogs and wiki. Thanks to your project's excellent structure we have implemented it quickly and easily, and in the past few weeks we have seen a large number of new portals with Gallery as the main component. Gallery completes our offerings so now millions of Informe users are able to create their own smart information portals and explore all of Gallery's advantages.

Are you using Gallery for something unique? Let us know by e-mailing us!

Making Money with Digibug and Gallery 2.

Digibug, one of our photo printing affiliates, is offering some limited time deals for Gallery users. Below is their story about their service and their current promotion!

Gallery has had shopping cart support for prints for a while now, but did you know that Digibug allows you to set your own prices and keep most of the profit? Digibug has been providing a profit-making e-commerce solution to the Gallery community for the last two years – giving thousands of dollars in profits to Gallery administrators. Read more to learn how other Gallery users are making money with Digibug, and about our 100% Profit Promotion.

Gallery 2.2.4 Security Fix Release

Just in time for the holidays, Gallery 2.2.4 is now available for download. This release fixes critical security issues, no new features have been added. Due to the severity of these issues users of all previous Gallery 2 versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 2.2.4 as soon as possible! All issues addressed in this release were discovered through an extensive internal security audit.

Since 2.2.4 is a security release, it shares the same installation requirements as 2.2.3. If you haven't upgraded to 2.2.x yet, please review the Gallery 2.2 release notes for highlights of changes and the requirements. Read on for more details and upgrade instructions.

Gallery Integration Projects Coming Home

In an effort to centralize Gallery integration projects, you can now find documentation and dedicated forums for integrations on our website.

While the new integration forums and the new home for documention of integrations are already in place, we are still busy importing the existing forum discussions and documentations from the old integration websites, like

2007 Google Summer of Code Wrap Up

This summer, the Gallery project participated in the third Google Summer of Code. The Summer of Code is a program, funded by Google, to essentially give students a paid internship with Open Source projects. At the end of August, the third Summer of Code completed successfuly, not only for Gallery, but each of the 130 other mentoring organizations.