InMotion Hosting Contributes to Gallery

As part of their support of the open source community, InMotion Hosting, a professional web hosting service provider, rolled up their sleeves and worked with the Gallery team to help with some outstanding issues with Gallery 3.

InMotion developers learned the Gallery environment and worked on five different bug fixes, getting the new code to us via GitHub pull requests. They fixed things like a PHP 5.3.13 incompatibility, a parallel upload timeout problem and more. Their fixes will all be included in the next release of Gallery 3. In addition to the development work, InMotion has also provided monetary support for the Gallery project, which we appreciate!

Now that they’ve got the hang of it, InMotion is continuing its support of Gallery via ongoing technical contributions. Maybe you know of someone else who would like to contribute?

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Web hosting companies, particularly with large-scale reseller operations should consider following InMotion's example of contributing both technical and monetary donations to the Gallery project. It benefits everyone and helps the development and maintenance of the Gallery platform for years to come.



I have a Gallery site on InMotion based on the posting here. When I try to upload a significant number (say 300) of photos, my site gets locked up for excessive resource consumption. Talking to their tech support, they say that it is the conversion processes that are causing the problem. I'm not sure it they mean creating the resized images or something else. They have a softaculous script for the installation. That script was up to date for Gallery 3.0.5 which surprised me. But it took the default of allowing 5 simultaneous uploads. Even when I reset this through admin to 1 the excessive resource problem continued.

Not sure if the "fixes" mentioned in the post will be in Gallery 3.0.6 or not and if so whether they will resolve the problem. I suspect that there is an intrinsic problem with the upload process on a shared host.

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I also have a Gallery3 installation on InMotion Hosting. I started having problems uploading photos a few days ago - before I upgraded to the latest version of Gallery3.

By the way - kudos to my favorite web-hosting service, InMotion Hosting! They have excellent tech support, and very supportive and conscientious employees in every division. They have stuck with me through a major crisis, and I am very glad I was in their hands.

I'm so glad IMH is working hand in hand with the open source community to make the internet a safe and wonderful place where we can all work together creatively.