Gallery 2 now offered in SourceForge's Hosted Apps

As of this past Monday, Gallery 2.3 is now being offered as part of SourceForge's Hosted Apps. You can read their announcement here, but the short version is that if you have a project hosted on SourceForge, you can now use Gallery as part of your project website with just a few clicks. To see how easy this is, I logged into SourceForge, clicked on admin -> hosted apps, selected "Gallery" in the drop down and clicked enable, and that was it! This created and provides the full functionality of Gallery: adding users, managing permissions, organizing images, etc.

We look forward to having SourceForge provide a Hosted Apps version of Gallery 3 on launch day!

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This is quite cool! Just tried it myself and it was that simple :-)

this version do not work with png watermark please correct the problem

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For any problems you are having with's hosted apps, please file a ticket with them:

They will escalate it to us if they find out that it is a problem with Gallery.

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