Gallery 2.2.1 (Double Double) Released!

Gallery 2.2.1 (Double Double) is now available for download! In what has been close to a year of development, the Gallery team has packed this release full of new features and security enhancements. Major new features include: Downloadable Plugins which let you download, install, and upgrade modules and themes through the web interface; Dynamic Albums which let you set up albums based on keywords, ratings, and more; and WebDAV support for managing your photo library like a network hard drive with folders of images.

Changes between 2.2 and 2.2.1: Gallery 2.2.1 is a patch release to address four relatively minor issues in Gallery 2.2:

  • Fix the plugin administration page for Italian and Danish locales.
  • Fix Downloadable Plugins to prevent upgrading to incompatible plugins.
  • Make the authentication step of the installation and upgrade wizards more resilient against interference from other PHP scripts running on your site.
  • Fix conflict between WebDAV and other short URLs.

As a patch release, Gallery 2.2.1 does not contain any new features. Upgrading from 2.2 to 2.2.1 is quick and easy. Please read on for all the changes introduced in the major Gallery 2.2 release and for upgrade instructions from earlier versions...

Translations and Integrations: Additionally, 8 languages are now 100% translated, 13 more are over 60% translated, and support has been added for integration with even more 3rd party applications! Check out the Gallery 2 Localization Report and the Available Integrations page for the full lists.

Security: Like each Gallery 2 release before this one, after a professional security audit we have made many improvements to further tighten down Gallery 2 and keep the bad guys out. All issues addressed in this release were discovered during this private, internal security audit. No known exploits are available, however, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Gallery 2.2 to secure your Gallery installation.

As always before you ask for help, please, please read the README -- we've made an effort to answer all of your questions there. Especially read the known issues section. Upgrading is quick and easy, but if you're upgrading from 2.1 or earlier there are a few things you should know first so be sure to scan the upgrading instructions.

Go see what else is new and then download Gallery 2.2!

Thanks for your continued support!

New Features of Gallery 2.2 Include:

  1. Downloadable Plugins.
    • This feature allows you to download and install Modules and Themes directly via the Site Admin interface. You can select from different sets of plugins (officially released plugins, experimental plugins under development and plugins provided by the Gallery community). This makes it very easy to stay up to date with the latest changes.
  2. Added support for themes to display dynamic albums.
    • New Keyword Album module makes use of this feature to show albums based on a search of item keywords.
    • New Dynamic Albums module shows albums of newest, most viewed or even random items.
    • Ratings module has a new view to display highly rated items from across the Gallery.
  3. Watermarking changes
    • Edit Album now has a Watermark tab where watermarks may be added or removed from an entire album, optionally including subalbums too.
    • Edit Watermark now has an option to replace a watermark image and apply the new image everywhere the old was one used.
    • New option to always use a single watermark and give users no watermarking options. Only Site Admins can change/remove existing watermarks.
    • New option to turn off the ability for users to upload their own watermark images.
  4. New themes: Carbon and Ajaxian
  5. New WebDAV module to mount Gallery as network device on your computer. This allows you to easily manage your Gallery with any WebDAV client like Windows Explorer.
  6. New module to send Ecards.
  7. New Digibug module for prints from
  8. Added support for Flash Video and Windows ASF video.
  9. Photo auto-rotation based on camera sensors or on settings from other applications.

...and many more!

Important Changes in System Requirements:

PHP 4.3.0 or later: Gallery 2.2 requires PHP 4.3.0 (formerly 4.1.0) or more recent PHP 4 versions. Gallery 2.2 still works with PHP 5.0.4 or later PHP 5 versions as well.

Note for Microsoft IIS Users: As of Gallery 2.2, Microsoft IIS doesn't work with PHP-CGI due to a PHP/IIS bug. Microsoft recommends FastCGI instead and doesn't support PHP-CGI. Please use ISAPI PHP or FastCGI with IIS instead. If you are using Apache on Windows, you can still use PHP-CGI (and mod_php or FastCGI).

installing it now, all i can say is keep up the amazing and great work. i use gallery to run my client side video/photo and doc stuff for my film company, i am just starting off so i am always broke but even when i have the money i will always use Gallery it is simply the best for what i need to do. I have been giving time and code to open source apps for a long time ( neverball, Americas army, and others ) i am not the best at php and have no time to help but i know how much work you all put into this, because i know how much work i put into keeping FPS games hacker free ( well as hacker free as possible ).

so from one open source dev to another keep up the good work!!!

Content over Capital!!


I didn't see this upgrade come across the gallery-announce mailing list.

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Version 2.2.1-1 of the Debian gallery2 package was uploaded in the afternoon (EDT) of Monday, March 26, 2007 and will be available in Debian unstable after the archive run in the afternoon (EDT) of Tuesday, March 27, 2007.

Debian gallery package maintainer

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Working on that right now. Sorry for the delay!


If you found my help useful, please consider donating to Gallery.


It's all explained there: how to translate, how to submit translations, ...

Help is more than welcome, thanks!

Documentation: Support / Troubleshooting | Installation, Upgrade, Configuration and Usage

Thanks for your great releases. I've been using Gallery for several projects and my clients are always fully satisfied.

Greetings from Europe (Oberfranken = upper franconia)

Thank you for the Italian Language fix of the plugin administration page. I've built a new gallery named 'Klavierbank' on my site.

yes !!! it working thanks for language update

There are some useful updates, Thank you.

Ah, nice to read. At last I can implement a multilingual gallery from all the screenshots/images I made in the last years from the freeware games at my site. Should be a nice gimmick for my foreign visitors I think. Regards!

Unfortunately this release breaks Gallery Remote and the iPhotoToGallery plug-in for iPhoto.

So, for me, I have to go back to 2.0.4 until this is fixed. It's too costly to upload images a few at a time.

It's such a great application though. Kudos to the developers.

No, GR and iPhotoToGallery both work with G2.2 / G2.2.1.

Please discuss the issue in the forums. I'm sure we can your G2.2.1 running with GR for you.

Documentation: Support / Troubleshooting | Installation, Upgrade, Configuration and Usage

The Flash & ASF Video are working like a breeze.



Hi there, the watermarking new features are something I'll definitly find usefull, thanks!


Really love the change they’ve done on the watermark functionality. It’s now so easy to work with.

Joop ----------------

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Updated my server to PHP5, Apache 2 and MySQL 5... G2.2.1 is next on the list :)

Acronym Database

I have updated my site to gallery 2.2.1 and it seems so that everything is working correctly... thx


I'm so happy about this, I'm updating it right now.

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I have installed this version on my personal website. Really cool. I will make a donation soon!!!


If I understood it correctly, Gallery is free for download a I can install it many times as I want. What about for the commercial use?
Angela Sisic

It's free for commercial use too.
Gallery is licensed under the GPL, the most prominent open source license.

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Have a read of:


If you found my help useful, please consider donating to Gallery.

I have put Gallery 2.2.1 in my Web and works correctly. Thank you very much!