Gallery 2.3.1 Native Microsoft SQL Server Support

In October, 2009 Microsoft released version 1.1 of the Microsoft SQL Server Driver for PHP. This driver is fully maintained with an active release and development cycle, is extensively documented on MSDN and contains multiple features missing in previous SQL Server specific drivers such as native UTF-8 support, MARS support (necessary for SQL Azure), PHP 5.3 support and more.

Microsoft got in touch with us and put in all the legwork to make Gallery 2.3.1 support this new driver, so we're very happy to point you to their patch and a pre-patched Gallery 2 zip. If you're using Microsoft SQL Server, using this version will move you over to a backend driver that is supported by Microsoft, so their support team will be able to help you resolve any issues specific to using Microsoft SQL Server. A patch file that adds said support to existing installs can be found on Sourceforge at:

For your convenience, we've uploaded a pre-patched version of Gallery 2.3.1 to our Gallery 2 nightly build page:

Remember that the Gallery Team is officially no longer working on Gallery 2, there are no future releases of Gallery 2 planned, and that the Gallery team is not providing direct support for this patch. That said, hopefully this patch is helpful to some of you!

So is this a possible thaw in the Gallery 3 project's "not supporting anything but Apache and MySql" stance? Yes, I know this post is about Gallery 2, but...

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If someone steps up to do the work, we'd be glad to have the help!