Open invitation to GalleryCon 09's code sprint

Calling all Gallery module and theme developers!

This year the Gallery Project is holding its annual conference August 27th-30th in Santa Fe, NM. Since it began 4 years ago, GalleryCon has been a closed event but this year we'd like to invite module and theme developers to attend.

This is not a traditional conference. There will be no formal presentations, just project discussions followed by an all out code sprint to to the finish of our upcoming Gallery 3 release. If you've considered contributing to the project, this is an excellent opportunity to help out and meet the core team in person. It's also an opportunity to get help on that Gallery 3 module or theme you're developing.

Attendees are expected to be well-versed in some aspect of Gallery 3

  • Kohana PHP Framework
  • G3's module system
  • G3's Theme system
  • jQuery, unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Documentation efforts

The conference will begin with a brief discussion of outstanding project issues, including budget, community, and the project web site. Once business is out of the way we should have 2 plus days of hacking on final issues and bugs before Gallery's final 3.0 release. Please note that support will not be provided for Gallery 2, the team's complete focus is now on version 3.

Space is limited, so if you're interested, please send me a private message. In your message please indicate your primary area of interest, either core contributions, module development, documentation, project web site updates, or theme development.

Hope to see you!

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Wahooo! This year's 'con is going to be a blast. Those you who've been hacking away at Gallery3 and discussing it in the forums-- this is a great chance to really get involved with the project! I hope you can make it.
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Maybe you will do one in Europe next year :P


Although, I wasn't able to go, last year's was in Amsterdam.

So guys... how is the party looking?

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Just getting started :)

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Head over to our trac timeline to see part of what is going on!

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Never have I been more excited about a program release ~ Will be viewing your timeline. Many many thanks.

@SammyJJ: no plans for the next one yet... if there is one its usually in the Aug - Oct time frame depending on core team availibility.