Public iOS Gallery 3 client BETA test

The developer of iGallery, a Gallery 2 client for iOS devices, has developed a new Gallery 3 client from scratch - iGallery 3.

They are running a public beta test to make sure everything is working as well as possible. If you're interested in joining the beta program contact them by e-mailing your device type (e.g. "iPhone 5") and your device UDID (you can find this at to

Read on for more detailed information and screenshots.

Some more detailed informations and features about iGallery 3:

  • intelligent local photo cache
  • upload photos from camera and device (with EXIF data)
  • GPS support - view a whole album or selected images on a map
  • video support! Watch your videos on your idevice
  • create new albums
  • portrait and landscape support
  • delete photos and albums
  • image upload also works if the app was send into the background
  • gestures support
  • an awesome iOS7 UI

Supported devices are the iPhone 4S or newer. It is also an universal app, thus it is also working with a nice interface on iPads, but they will first release the iPhone/iPod version and wait for all the kinks to be worked out before the later release a separate iPad version.

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