Gallery needs translators!

Due to some hard work by Jens Tkotz and Joan McGalliard, the next release of Gallery will be translated into at least 13 different languages! This is a major milestone for Gallery and has been a hotly requested feature.

In order for us to actually ship it in all of these languages, we need to form a translation team. This team will be in charge of keeping the translated versions of Gallery up to date as we make changes to the code and to the English text. If you want to help translate Gallery into your own native language, we could really use your assistance.

Jens is in charge of this effort and he has set up the new Gallery 1.x Translations Forum to help us manage this process. Head on over there and help out! Don't forget to read the READ ME post in the forum.

The sooner we get our translations up to date, the sooner we can release the next version!