Java developers wanted

In the past couple of months, we've had a lot of time to work on Gallery and Gallery Remote, and the community spirit of the core developers is such that we've made rapid progress with both projects.

But it's never enough: we have many, many plans, and while a several people work on G1 and G2, I'm the sole developer for Gallery Remote. So I'd like to actively encourage Java developers who are excited by the Gallery project and who would like to contribute, to get in touch with me.A small sample of what I need help for:

- Mac-specific help on Gallery Remote: integrate with all these wonderful Mac technologies, make the user experience something Mac users are familiar with

- general help with Gallery Remote: replace the albums popup with a tree-view, fix drag-and-drop, etc.

- G2 work: we're planning to completely rewrite the Gallery Remote protocol for G2, implementing it as either XML-RPC or SOAP

- even with G1, we will introduce many new protocol features which allow users to make some of the difficult changes on GR rather than on the web site (resorting pictures, adding captions, etc.)

- add more server-side Java (like the crop applet)

So if you have talent to contribute (and time: working on an open-source project takes on average 2 or more hours a day), please get in touch. If you've looked at the GR codebase in the past and found it too hard to work with, you should take another look: I've cleaned it up considerably in the past months.

Please direct your comments to the Gallery Remote forum, or contact me directly via Private Message (my login is paour).