Announcing v1.3 Release Candidate 4

We are pleased to announce that Gallery 1.3 Release Candidate 4 is now available. Changes from Release Candidate 3 are minor. They are as follows...
* Slideshow modifications (both low and high tech):
- Fixed bug where photo that did not have resized
versions would not display.
- Reverse-direction control is back, by popular demand.
- Control panel rearranged some more.

* Worked around
This caused the [new album] command to fail on PHP 4.2.0.

* Turn register_globals on in the .htaccess file in both the setup
directory and the main gallery directory (thanks Scott Rose)

* Fixed a serious bug on Win32 where it was not correctly creating the
album backup files when serializing the album data file. It's
entirely possible that (without this fix) no Windows users have any
backup files! DOH!

So, should you download it?

The more people who try out this release the greater the
chances we will be able to shake out and remaining bugs.
If you are already using a CVS version of Gallery 1.2.6, or
1.3 RCx, you may as well upgrade to this release. If you are
comfortable with a little bit of risk, give it a try and help
us out. We are not aware of any bugs that would jeopardize your

So, what's new in 1.3?

This release stands out from any other release because so many of
the new features and bug fixes were developed/fixed by our users
(viva opensource! :).

* Show Album Tree - If you turn this on in the config wizard
it will show you the entire set of nested albums in a nice
table format on the albums page.
- submitted by Jesse Mullan

* View All Comments - There's now a link for each album
that lets the album owner view all the comments in that
album on a single page
- submitted by Joseph Scheve

* The Slideshow - You can now view an entire album as a
smooth transitioning slide show.
- submitted by Jacob Redding

* The Captionator - This lets you edit many captions
at once .. very convenient!

* Thumbnail wrapper customization - You can now easily
manage the look of the thumbnail images on the album pages and
the main Gallery page. Nested album thumbnails are now
clearly differentiated from photo thumbnails.

* Lots and lots of bug fixes and UI cleanup.

So, where can you get it?

Go to our download page and look in the "Bleeding Edge" section:

NOTE: The RC4 is actually our CVS version 1.3-cvs-rc4. You
can either do a CVS checkout or get a tarball from Jesse Mullan's
download page when it becomes available.

Thank you for your support,
The Gallery Development Team