3rd Party iPhone App for Gallery

A team of developers has released a new version of their native iPhone/iPad app for Gallery 3.

viGallery allows you to manage your photos and albums straight from your iOS device.

Take a look on the app store: viGallery and on their info/support page.

It isn't open source and it does cost $4, but it looks like a nice way to work with Gallery 3 from your Apple devices. Read on for features and requirements.


  • manage multiple gallery installations
  • upload photos from camera and device
  • edit photo titles and descriptions
  • edit album titles and descriptions
  • delete photos and albums
  • photo detail view with swipe-view function and image zoom
  • local photo cache
  • define the numbers of pictures per page (paging function) useful for big albums
  • support for ssl/https websites


  • user access to a Menalto Gallery 3
  • an enabled REST API module (Gallery > Administration > Modules > REST API Module)

Would be nice if they contributed a portion of each purchase to Gallery.

Great app!
My 60k photos in 4 albums finally on my iPad!
It gives me hope for the Gallery project which I feel has been lacking power lately.

What a great app!
M i k e

Wonderful that there is now an app for iOS!
- The price is a tad too steep for me, still thinking if I should buy it. If was much cheaper I would have bought it.
- Facebook integration? Or integration with the Gallery Facebook module? That way I can hit like and pop it goes into Facebook!

great work!

i just downloaded the app and wow. thank you whoever you are. it's just awesome.

regarding the price ... i mean ... WTF??? it's FOUR FREAKIN' dollars. you can't get a happy meal for that. steep price?? gimme a break. geez.

Hello, does this app detect the screen width difference from iphone and ipad? If I have high resolution photos will they look better on an ipad and cropped on an iphone?

I download viGallery on my iPad, I am so impressed how fast this Application runs on iOS.I was little nervous spending $4, i think if starting price of $1.99 is Good to start with.