Gallery 3.0.9 security release

Gallery 3.0.9 is now available! We are still hard at work on 3.1, but in the meantime a few more minor security issues needed to be resolved. We've fixed them and recommend that you upgrade to 3.0.9 ASAP. Thanks to Malte Batram and Dhaval Chauhan for their responsible disclosure. We will be rewarding them cash bounties as part of our Security Bounty Program.


  • two security fixes
  • minor feature enhancement in the image_block module
  • all closed tickets

Upgrading Gallery 3

Upgrading is really easy! Unpack the new version, move the var/ directory of the old version to the new version's folder and then either browse to: or at a shell prompt: php index.php upgrade For more detailed upgrade instructions, please refer to the Gallery 3 User Guide

Got feedback?

If you have any overall feedback, please visit the Gallery 3.0.9 Feedback forum topic and let us know! If you have questions, please visit the Gallery 3 Wiki, the home for Gallery 3 documentation.