Gallery 2 on Amahi

Today the Amahi team announced the availability of "one-click" application installation for Linux. Gallery 2 is among the first applications available on Amahi, and you can watch a screencast to see how easy it is to install Gallery 2 through Amahi.

To learn more about Amahi visit If all goes as planned, they'll have a Gallery 3 "one-click" installation on Amahi as soon as Gallery 3 is here.

Amahi provides an "open home server" that gives its users:

  1. A simple to use Web 2.0 user interface
  2. "one-click" application installation, with an expanding library of applications available.
  3. zero effort installation, with automatic configuration of a VPN and Dynamic DNS (secure access from anywhere), a LAMP stack, and more...

Other features of Amahi include:

  • cross platform support for Mac, Windows and of course, Linux
  • user and file share creation and authentication
  • simplified home networking with short URLs (eg. access your own Gallery2 via http://gallery2 or any URL you chose)
  • media storage and streaming (iTunes, movies, and picture delivered to xBox, PS3 and Wii among others) and more as Amahi's application gallery expands by the day.