Gallery 1.5.6 Released!

Gallery 1.5.6 is now available for download. This is primarily a bug fix release but also includes a couple of minor new features. Even though this release contains no security fixes, we recommend that all users of Gallery 1.5.5-pl1 and earlier upgrade to this release to be as bug free as possible. You can download 1.5.6 from the Gallery 1 download page on SourceForge. Upgrade instructions are available on our documentation site.

Issues resolved in this release:

  • User language was not set properly when logging in
  • Users with permission to add comments could add comments even when they were globally disabled
  • Navigator could jump to incorrect next or previous page
  • Port was stripped from URLs
  • The EXIF information for some Sony cameras were misreported

New functionality:

  • Album validator is more effective
  • Postnuke 0.8 is supported
  • Recursive "email me when comments are added" is now available
  • Capture dates can be rebuilt from files when jhead/exiftags is installed after items were added

Thank you
I use last version and it rally cool ;-)
what kind o file I should download tar o zip?

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Downloading the ZIP or TAR does not make any diffirence.

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Thanks for all the hard work on the new version of Gallery! When does 1.6 go live/final? I notice it's been in Beta3 for a while and we're trying to decide between 1.5.6 and 1.6.

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we will release a story about Gallery 1.6 soon. Maybe we will never release it...
But you can download a newer Pre-Version of Gallery 1.6 from

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Thank you it's working and it's cool.And the option:
"email me when comments are added" is greate.Thank You, I' have to donate ;-).

Great news. Thank You guys :)

Best regards,

Brilliant idea and very good news. btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more. Keep up the good work.
Greetings Tomek

Amazing! Good work :)


Great, it works really nice.


Good work, thanks a lot, i have updated my gallery via the update instructions and it works perfect...


Is some possibility of using these free themes?

Thanks ;)!

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Abogados: What do you mean ?

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