Gallery 1.5.7 Released!

Gallery 1.5.7 is now available for download. This release fixes one very minor security issue, fixes a few small bugs, and makes a significant amount of text more sensible. Even though this release has no major security fixes, we recommend that all users of Gallery 1.5.6 and earlier upgrade to this release to be as bug free and secure as possible. You can download 1.5.7 from the Gallery 1 download page on SourceForge. Upgrade instructions are available on our documentation site.

If you've contributed to translations for Gallery 1 in the past, or would be interested in helping out, our translations for Gallery 1 are fairly far behind! Please join the gallery-translations mailing list and send an introduction to get started.

Issues resolved in this release:

  • Users without permission to vote on items could vote on items
  • Longer domain suffixes like .travel are now allowed as email addresses
  • In Joomla! and Mambo you can now specify what user level is allowed to create root albums.

Once again, congrats to the team for a great work.

I'd like to help with the translations to Spanish, but I find it hard to understand the language files system... :S

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I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

thanks for the continued effort!

one comment: I installed 1.5.7 today for a friend and found that the language files from sourceforge have not yet been updated to 1.5.7. after seeing an english/german language mix when using the 1.5.6 de_DE language pack, I downloaded the 1.5.7 language pack directly from works nicely now!

-- Peter

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Hmm, I want to download the language pack mentioned, but the site seems to be down. Is there a possibility to get the german language pack from another source?


Thanks team, your work is appreciated. Even though it may be a minor upgrade we still appreciate it.

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Nice, I am looking for a full Joomla Gallery component for my photography site , however the best I have been able to find is PonyGallery. How good is the implimentation between Gallery and Joomla now?

Downloading it right now, thanks again!